Eric Clapton
A Better World Somewhere
Compilation From Various Sources

01-Nil By Mouth (unreleased soundtrack with voice over 1998)
02-All Along The Watchtower (Concert Of The Century 1999-10-23)
03-A Better World Somewhere (Jools Holland Hootenanny 1995-12-31)
04-Third Degree (Jools Holland Hootenanny 1995-12-31)
05-Early In The Morning (Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 1999-03-15)
06-Before You Accuse Me (2nd International Rock Awards 1990-06-06)
07-Sweet Home Chicago (2nd International Rock Awards 1990-06-06)
08-Old Love (David Sanborn Night Time 1989-10-25)
09-Hard Times (David Sanborn Night Time 1989-10-25)
10-White Room (Montreaux Jazz Festival 1992-07-12)
11-Ruthie (Legends Rehearsals 1997)