The Jimi Hendrix Experience

"A Magic Time"
(No label, Germany 2007, 1LP)

Halle Münsterland
Münster, Germany
January 14th, 1969

This is a vinyl-to-CD transfer of the bootleg LP "A Magic Time".
The LP contains two tracks omitted on the 1st source and the 
quality of the recording is superior in every sense. All insteruments 
are clearly audiable most of the time (except during some very loud 
parts). I'd say this is one of the best audience recordings (if not the 
best) from the January '69 European tour.
The transfer has been done by well known Dutch collector and expert 
on Hendrix, Kees De Lange.
Thank you Kees!

Lineage: (not known)

Track list:
01. Come On (pt.1)
02. Spanish Castle Magic
03. Red House
04. Fire
05. Foxy Lady
06. All Along The Watchtower
07. Hey Joe
08. Voodoo Child
09. Purple Haze