First limited deluxe edition with limited numbering card, mini photobook, and 2 bonus DVDRs!

Mon 22 & Tue 23 May 2023 Royal Albert Hall London

Complete pack of 2 days of Jeff Beck memorial concerts on May 22nd and 23rd, 2023! Jeff Beck memorial concert held in London organized by Clapton after the performance in Japan. The concert held over two days at the Royal Albert Hall is completely recorded on the press CD from the original stereo audience recording master with the highest sound quality. In addition, the original audience footage recorded for two days is included in the press DVD, and two DVDRs for two days are also included as a compilation of the footage uploaded to youtube for the first time only. Furthermore, this set also comes with an original photo book full of professional quality best shots. You can enjoy the reality as if you experienced it on the spot with both the angry audio that perfectly captures the unique sound of RAH and the visuals that clearly show the progress of the concert. Please immerse yourself in the memories of Jeff Beck with the performers below Clapton who watch the MV of “Moon River” that was played at the end of the concert. Don't miss the design and photo book using the super rare photos of the day. Comes with a laminate coating box band.