Allman Brothers Band - Instant Live, Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA 9/24/04

The greatest live band in the world in the finest music venue known to man. It simply doesnít get any better than that! The Brothers rise to the occasion with stellar versions of "You Donít Love Me", "Ainít Wastiní Time No More" and "Hot ĎLanta" in the first set, and an incredible guest appearance by former Allman Brother Jack Pearson on "Dreams", "Mountain Jam" and "Southbound"!


Mountain Jam 13:39
Trouble No More 3:26
Midnight Rider 4:15
Wasted Words 7:50
Worried Down with the Blues 8:35
You Donít Love Me 9:04
Ainít Wastiní Time No More 8:41


Rockiní Horse 12:57
HotíLanta 5:20
Melissa 6:21
Come and Go Blues 7:21
Canít Lose What You Never Had 6:39
Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?> 6:00
Franklinís Tower 9:47


Black Hearted Woman 27:38
Dreams (w/Jack Pearson, guitar; no Derek Trucks) 13:46
Mountain Jam (w/Pearson) 11:04
Southbound (w/Pearson) 10:09