Allman Brothers Band
Instant Live 2006
Chicago, IL 8-30-06

This show has one of the most unique sequences of the year, "No One To Run With>JaBuMa>Bass jam>Jessica." Oteilís bass solo teases the "Black Hearted Woman" jam and "Jessica" before finally ripping into a great version of the latter. This is also one of the better live versions of "Desdemona" youíll hear, dripping with passion and power. The "Preachiní Blues/Whipping Post" double encore is a great finish to a great show!

Ainít Wastiní Time No More 7:37
Statesboro Blues 5:11
Midnight Rider 3:14
Woman Across the River 8:44
One Way Out 5:33
Desdemona 11:13
The Weight (Danny Louis, piano)  10:27

Anyday (Jamie van der Bogert, drums)  8:28
Melissa 5:45
Dreams 11:25
No One To Run With 5:44
JaBuMa 16:49

Bass 5:22
Jessica 12:32
Preachiní Blues 4:46
Whipping Post 12:42