Allman Brothers Band
Instant Live 2005
Saratoga PAC
Saratoga Springs, NY 7/24/05

For the last show of the July run, Warren Haynes rejoined the Allman Brothers Band for a truly spectacular show. From the powerful "Jessica" opener to the magnificent "Layla" encore (the only time they played it on this tour) the band is hittiní the note with gusto. New instrumental "Egypt" continues to grow into a powerhouse that can stand proudly alongside the bandís greatest works. Derekís solo on "High Cost" packs even more punch than usual, and "Maydell" and "Who To Believe" are both strong. Take note of the 19-minute "Whipping Post," an epic excursion that is among the finest versions of the past ten years.

DISC ONE                                                  

Jessica  14:44
Statesboro Blues  5:29
High Cost of Low Living  9:57
Maydell  4:39
Midnight Rider  3:19
Egypt    16:06



Canít Lose What You Never Had  6:03
Into The Mystic  4:48
Who To Believe  7:01
Leave My Blues At Home  25:29



Melissa  6:02
Dreams  11:23
Whipping Post  19:13
Layla  7:33