Eric Clapton / Acoustic Divinity (CD)
Empress Valley-Mid Valley Records MVR-1032

1.Tears In Heaven (Sue Lawley's Thames TV, 25th Feb., 1992)
2.My Father's Eyes (from ACOUSTIC WALZ)
3.Circus (from INTO THE FIRE)
4.The Van Opening Theme
5.Danny Boy
6.Broken Hearted (from MUSIC FOR MONTSERRAT)
7.Bell Bottom Blues (Yokohama 1999)
8.Layla (from 12/3 Budokan 2001)
9.Change The World (from SNOWBLIND)
10.Un Piccolo Aiuto (from FOR WAR CHILD w/Zucchero)
11.This Song (from BEBE WINANS)
12.Give Me You (Single version from MARY J. BLIGE)
13.(I) Get Lost (from Soundtrack 'STORY OF US')
14.Someday (from ETERNAL)
15.Again ( from KERRY PRICE)
16.Please Don't Leave (from PAUL WASSIF)
17.Madam X (Demo take from 'HOW TO BECOME CLAIRVOYANT' Deluxe edition)

Bonus Track
18. Comment For Jeff Beck
19. Sam Hall (dedicated to Jeff Beck)

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We all know Eric Clapton has a reputation for being good at playing the
acoustic guitar. This time, we have planned a compilation album that will
tickle the hearts of enthusiasts so that you can enjoy Clapton's acoustic guitar
skill. The impetus for this project was the unfinished “Tears In Heaven”
that Clapton showed in a television interview aired in England in 1992.
Despite the fact that the bridge part was not yet completed, Clapton played
it on the spot. As soon as I heard the lyrics of the first verse, I realized
that it was about my late son. I wanted to make an album that contained
this, and I wanted to make an album with content that could never be done
officially. There are numbers where you can listen to Clapton's own rare
and wonderful acoustic guitar play, but it is also Clapton's best acoustic
play collection, including numbers where he played acoustic guitar as a
guest in the works of other artists. Let's explain it step by step.

1. Tears In Heaven
As mentioned at the beginning, this is the first live take that can be confirmed for the same
song that triggered this compilation (TV broadcast was on February 25, 1992, but the interview
seems to have been before that) It was in a state where only the A melody part was
made, but I guess Clapton himself wanted to listen to it. It is the most heartfelt take that conveys
that thought, and is simple yet deeply felt.

2. My Father's Eyes
A number cut from the official release board while being played on MTV “Unplugged”.
It was later announced on the album "PILGRIM", but its appearance has changed
greatly. After all, only a masterpiece was recorded in the official board "Unplugged
Expanded Edition "Ision" in later years, but here is the def mixed version from "ACOUSTIC
WALZ", which is different from the official version. I'm here. Andy Fairweather
Row sounds good on the mandolin.

3. Circus
This song was also played "Unplugged", but it was cut because it was scheduled to be
announced later like the previous song. However, in the 1993 Japan tour, it was shown on the
stage without being announced. Here is the stereo sound board version from "INTO THE FIRE" which
contained the Budokan performance on October 27th. The intro contains a circus
hand-cranked organ-style intro by Chris Stinton, which is a valuable take only for this time.

4. The Van Opening Theme
Clapton was in charge of the soundtrack for the 1996 Irish film The Van.
The soundtrack to this movie was never released, but the opening theme featured
an amazing acoustic instrumental number by Clapton. Clapton has worked
on many movie soundtracks, but among them, this theme song can be
said to be a wonderful number that should be listed first.

5. Danny Boy
This is a coupling song that was included only on the CD single of "Change The World" released
in 1996. It's a rare instrumental number that you can only listen to, and it's a trad number
that makes you feel Clapton's nostalgia. This is the song that John Lennon hums after
playing "One After 909" at the Beatles' last live, the so-called "Rooftop Concert". It must be a
memorable song for British people.

6. Broken Hearted
It is a number recorded in the album "PILGRIM", but this song was played acoustically
on September 15, 1997 at the "MUSIC FOR MONTSERRAT" held at the Royal Albert
Hall in London. A charity concert for the devastated island of Montserrat in the Caribbean Sea).
Moreover, the singing version of Clapton alone is extremely rare. It is a take that
touches the heartstrings, filled with warmth and sadness, suitable for that performance.

7. Bell Bottom Blues
It was the first time in 24 years since 1975 that this song was played as a regular concert number.
Moreover, the place was a performance in Japan, and Clapton played acoustically. Here is
the stereo sound board take of the Yokohama Arena performance on November 24, 1999, which
was televised. Even if it is played with acoustic guitar, it is wonderful because it is a masterpiece.
The character does not change.

8. Layla
This masterpiece has been played almost without fail on Clapton's stage. The "unplugged"
version didn't change that either. The culmination of this was the official release of the
2001 world tour live album “ONE MORE CAR, ONE MORE RIDER”. This album includes the
electric version of the Japanese performance (December 3, 2001 Budokan) that showed two versions
of "Layla" on one stage for the first time in history, and the acoustic version has not
been recorded. “Layla” adopted in this work is the unpublished one, and it is very valuable
that it was recorded only in a very small number of versions of the valuable advance promo
board of the same official live board. Sound source. It was such a wonderful performance
that there was no wonder even if this take was included in the official board.

9. Change The World 
It is a big hit song that won the Grammy Award in 1996, but here is the
take of the Japan tour on December 7, 2003, Sapporo performance. This is a stereo
soundboard version from "SNOWBLIND definitive edition". Clapton here
played acoustically, but unusually standing. The guitar was a Martin
<Bellezza Nera> (000-28 EC signature model, navy blue finish). Clapton's solo
at the end is lively, and it feels like my body is shaking unintentionally.

10. Un Piccolo Aiuto
Clapton appeared at a charity concert to support war orphans hosted by Luciano
Pavarotti in Modena, Italy on June 20, 1996. At that time, I performed this song
in a duo with Italian artist Zucchero. This song was recorded only in the video work
of the same concert, but here we have recorded the same take quietly contained in
Zucchero's single CD. Anyway, Clapton's acoustic guitar play is wonderful! It is
a performance that can be said to be the highest level in his acoustic guitar performance.

11. This Song
Since this song "Unplugged", there has been no end to the artists requesting guest participation
in Clapton's acoustic guitar. Bebe Winans was one of them. Riding on the wonderful
singing of Bebe, who leads the Winans family, which represents the neo-soul world, the
wonderful Clapton play that complements it stands out. Included in the 1997 album

12. Give Me You
Female artists wanted Clapton's participation as well. Mary J. Blige, who also
appeared in the 1999 “Crossroads Concert,” was one of the people who
invited Clapton to the album. However, in the album version, Clapton played a
distorted electric guitar. Therefore, many people may not know the acoustic
guitar version of this song. In fact, the single CD released at that time used another
take in which Clapton participated in acoustic guitar. There is no outstanding
solo, but the backing that complements Blige's song is still wonderful. I wondered
if this could have been included in the album as well. Announced in 1999.

13. (I) Get Lost
It is a song recorded in the best album "CLAPTON CHRONICLES" released in 1999,
but it is not a "Pilgrim"-like version, but here is the acoustic version provided as
the main theme of the movie "STORY OF US". version is included. The
acoustic guitar playing, which gives a completely different impression from the
best-of version, is warm and cool, making it an excellent version.

14. Someday
Clapton is finally appearing in Disney works. Clapton participates in the song of
Eternal, a female trio vocal group who was in charge of the theme of Disney's animation
work "The Bells of Notre Dame". This song is livened up with a unique play unique
to a master who perfectly fits the image of the song. A perfect performance for
the romantic Disney world. Released in 1996.

Number released in 2003. A black female singer seems to be a popular Clapton, and
Keri Price also asked to participate in the album. Clapton's acoustic guitar is a big
feature here! Before the solo in the middle, there is also a scene where Price calls "Eric
Clapton!" It is a hidden masterpiece that you can listen to Clapton-like acoustic guitar
play throughout.

16. Please Don't Leave
British singer-songwriter Paul Wasif, who has also participated in the New Year's
Eve event "New Year's Eve Dance" hosted by Clapton. Clapton liked his blues-
based style and seems to have supported it. Clapton participated in this song recorded
in his debut album. It is exciting with a wonderful acoustic guitar play. Wasif's
music sense is also wonderful, and it can be said that this is also a hidden masterpiece.
cormorant. Included in the album "LOOKING UP FEELING DOWN" released in 1996.

17. Madame X
Robbie Robertson of The Band is a close friend of Clapton. The collaboration album
"HOW TO BECOME CLAIRVOYANT" released in 2011 with him was truly a joint album of
the two. It is an instrumental number by Clapton that is contained there, but the demo
version is recorded here. This is a rare version that was only included in the
American "Deluxe Edition". Here you can find all of the warmth, comfort, sadness,
and kindness of Clapton's acoustic guitar play. After all, Clapton's acoustic guitar is
a good one.

Bonus Track
18. Comment for Jeff Beck
19. Sam Hall
Although it is an audience recording, Clapton's latest acoustic performance is
recorded as a bonus. The annual Transatlantic Session Concert, directed by
Clapton's close friend, steel guitar player Jerry Douglas, will take place at London's
Royal Festival Hall on February 11, 2023. rice field. Clapton jumped in here
and played and sang the Irish folk song “Sam Hall” with an acoustic guitar
along with a memorial comment for his old friend Jeff Beck who died suddenly
on January 12, 2023. If it was Clapton, he would have wanted to express his
feelings for Jeff as early as possible. It was also the moment fans around the world
had been waiting for.

I have explained the contents roughly above, but what do you think? Of
course, Clapton has been playing acoustic guitars since the 60's, and many
takes have been left throughout the 70's and 80's. However, this time,
with the first take of “Tears In Heaven” as a trigger, I tried to summarize it with
works after “Unplugged”. You may be wondering about the rarity of the
recorded songs, but first of all, please enjoy Clapton's acoustic guitar
play. Due to the artist's label situation and rights issues, it can never be
released officially, but I think it's the best content ever. If this work is well
received, there may be plans for Part 2. Please enjoy.