Led Zeppelin
December 10, 2007
The O2 Arena - London, England
Ahmet Ertegun Tribute

Clay C. Brennecke - (clayb@sc.rr.com)

Source: SP-CMC-2 (AT831s) > SP SB-2 (battery box) > PCM-M1 (16/44.1) > DAT Master
Location: 33.5 feet from stage FOB DFC

Transfer: DAT Master > TASCAM DA-20 (S/PDIF out) > LynxTWO-B Audio Reference Interface (S/PDIF in) > Wavelab 6.0 (Transfer by Todd Evans - December 2007)

Raw (non-mastered) tracked files previously torrented. This torrent has been mastered in Studio GEMS. Enjoy.

Disk One:
d1t01 Intro (2:01)
d1t02 Good Time, Bad Times (3:11)
d1t03 Ramble On (5:44)
d1t04 Black Dog (6:07)
d1t05 In My Time Of Dying (11:30)
d1t06 For Your Life (7:04)
d1t07 Trampled Under Foot (6:51)
d1t08 Nobody's Fault But Mine (7:49)
d1t09 No Quarter (9:33)
d1t10 Since I've Been Loving You (7:52)

Disk Two:
d2t01 Dazed and Confused (12:46)
d2t02 Stairway To Heaven (8:52)
d2t03 The Song Remains The Same (5:52)
d2t04 Jason Sings! (1:12)
d2t05 Misty Mountain Hop (5:05)
d2t06 Kashmir (12:53)
d2t07 Whole Lotta Love (10:37)
d2t08* Rock and Roll (20:18)