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Outtakes - Mid Valley Records - MVR 105-110 - SB 6

Disc 1:

2.Bad Boy 
3.Lonesome and a Long Way From Home 
4.After Midnight 
5.Blues Power 
6.Bottle of Red Wine 
7.Lovin' You Lovin' Me 
8.Told You For the Last Time 
9.Don't Know Why 
10.Let it Rain 
11.Bad Boy 
12.Lonesome and a Long Way From Home 
13.After Midnight 
14.Blues Power 
15.Don't Know Why 
16.After Midnight 
17.Blues Power 
18.Bad Boy 
19.Lovin' You Lovin' Me 
20.Told You For the Last Time 
21.Bad Boy 

Disc 2:

1.Lonesome and a Long Way From Home 
2.Easy Now 
3.Bad Boy 
4.Bad Boy 
5.Lonesome and a Long Way From Home 
6.After Midnight 
7.Lovin' You Lovin' Me 
8.Don't Know Why 
9.Bottle of Red Wine 
11.Bad Boy 
12.Lonesome and a Long Way From Home 
13.After Midnight 
14.Easy Now 
15.Blues Power 
16.Bottle of Red Wine 
17.Lovin' You Lovin' Me 

Disc 3:

1.Motherless Children 
2.Motherless Children 
3.Meet Me #1 
4.Meet Me #2 
5.Meet Me #3 
6.I Shot the Sheriff 
7.Mainline Florida 
8.Let it Grow 
9.I Can't Hold Out 
10.Instrumental #1 
11.Instrumental #2 
12.Please Be With Me 
14.Ain't That Lovin' You 

Disc 4:

1.Something You Got 
2.It's Too Late (To Be Sorry) 
3.It's Too Late (To Be Sorry) 
4.Instrumental #3 
5.Instrumental #4 
6.Jam in F 
7.Jam in E #1 
8.Jam in E #2 
9.Dobro #1 
10.Dobro #2 
11.Eric After Hours Blues 
12.Walkin Down the Road 

Disc 5:

1.Pretty Blue Eyes 
2.Fool Like Me 
3.Singin' the Blues 
4.I Found a Love #1 
5.I Found a Love #2 
6.I Found a Love #3 
7.I Found a Love #4 
9.It Hurts Me Too 
10.It Hurts Me Too 
11.Swing Low Sweet Chariot 
12.The Sky is Crying 
13.Better Make it Through Today 
14.Don't Blame Me 

Disc 6:

1.Watcha Gonna Do #1 
2.Watcha Gonna Do #2 
6.Swing Low Sweet Chariot 
7.Where There's a Will There's a Way 
8.Don't Know Why 
9.Blues in A 

Disc 7: 461 Ocean Boulevard - Quad Mix

1.Motherless Children 
2.Give Me Strength 
3.Willie and the Hand Jive 
4.Get Ready 
5.I Shot the Sheriff 
6.I Can't Hold Out 
7.Please Be With Me 
8.Let it Grow 
9.Steady Rollin' Man 
10.Mainline Florida 

Disc 8: There's One in Every Crowd - Quad Mix

1.We've Been Told Jesus Coming Soon 
2.Swing Low Sweet Chariot 
3.Little Rachel 
4.Don't Blame Me 
5.The Sky is Crying 
6.Singin' the Blues 
7.Better Make it Through Today 
8.Pretty Blue Eyes 

Comments: Outtakes from 461 Ocean Boulevard and There's One in Every Crowd, plus bonus discs of the quad mixes of these albums. Another incredible Mid Valley performance!