Announcer (at end): "That's Eric Clapton ... Peter Green ... Fleetwood Mac".

It is Fleetwood Mac from the Boston run of shows in February 1970 -- the tape said Feb. 5th, 1970. It is one jam song with Eric Clapton. This jam is NOT released on any of the Boston Tea Party releases, or any of the older releases of those concerts. Both Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 of the Tea Party releases contain a jam sequence, but they are NOT this jam. The officially released jams (one is with Joe Walsh) are uninteresting compared to this one between the guitar masters. It is a rare and a one-of-a-kind recording.

Artist: Fleetwood Mac with Eric Clapton
Place: Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA
Date: Feb. 5th 1970
Lineage: unknown

01 Jam with Fleetwood Mac & Eric Clapton 17:25

Quality is very good/excellent except for the last 2 minutes, where a different
source seems to be used and the quality degrades a bit.