Bottle Rocking
Columbus, Ohio - July 4, 1974 - 3BR 7474 - SB 6

Disc 1:   55:48                            Disc 2:    46:52

1.Easy Now                                 1.Mainline Florida
2.Smile                                    2.Layla 
3.Let it Grow                              3.Presence of the Lord
4.Can't Find My Way Home                   4.Badge 
5.Key to the Highway                       5.Little Queenie
6.Willie and the Hand Jive / Get Ready     6.Crossroads
7.Little Wing

Comments: This is it, the ultimate version of ... well, one of the more interesting Clapton concerts! It's quite simple really. Instead of the usual
47th generation analog copy, you begin by sourcing a digital clone of the master reel to reel recording. Then, you turn the thing over to an audio genius and let him do his stuff. And what you get, is a fascinating document of a time, a place, a feeling. It's like this - "drunk Eric" shows generally fall into two categories: they're either horrid, or fun, but rarely anything else. But this one is unusual. Clapton's lubricated enough so that he's flip, he's funny, he's relaxed - but at times, he simply CHANNELS into his guitar playing in a way you won't find elsewhere. He's so looped and at the same time, so dead ON, it's scary. The standout track here is a surreal performance of "Little Wing" that easily stands up to any rendition. If you only want to have one recording from the '74 tour, this would be it. Recommended.

And for the fun: Quips include:

"We're In Tune!"

(introducing 'Smile') "This is a song written by Charlie Chaplin - and it that ain't good enough for you ... it's good enough for me"

"This is from me new album ... it ain't that expensive"

"I belong to Glasgow"

"This is me band ... and if they aren't good enough for you ... " (Eric seemed to like that phrase a lot) " ... I'll FIRE THE LOT OF THEM!"

"How come he gets all the fucking birds?"

(introducing the band) "and my name is ... ROBERT JOHNSON"

Best of all: While the band plays "Little Queenie", Eric sings the "Star Spangled Banner" - horribly out of key!