Title: 2008-08-08 - Buddy Guy - Live from Albuquerque - NM.

Recorded live at the Isleta Casino and Resort

Recorded and Mastered by: sundeep

Artwork by Nephronic

Lineage: ZOOM H4 - 24/48 - transfer to PC > split track using cdwave> mastered using Adobe Audition >convert to 16 bit >convert to flac using TLH

Produced By: Evil Hub Productions: EHP-CDR-015

The Band:
Buddy Guy - Lead Guitar, Vocal
Ric ‘Jaz Guitar’ Hall - Guitar
Orlando Wright - Bass
Tim Austin - Drums
Marty Sammon - Keyboards

Track listing 
1. Little by Little
2. Hoochie Coochie Man
3. Love Her With a Feeling
4. Out In The Woods,” “I got wolf blood in my veins
5. Best Damn Fool
6. Skin Deep
7. Short Speech
8. Drowning on Dry Land
9. Keep on using me
10. Who's Gonna Fill Those Shoes extends into Hendrix tribute
11. Muscial Outro.. 

Excellent show. Moved the venue from outdoors to indoors at the last minute due to extreme weather. Overall 
recording turned out decent, with the exception of people talking. Buddy kept telling the audience to keep quiet
a lot during the show. Overall, a fun show. If you get a chance to see Buddy, do so.