"Budokan First Appearance" - Scorpio - 430-1/2 - sb5

Recorded at Budokan, Tokyo, 07/10/77.
12 tracks on 2 CDs. Total time : 43:36/41:12
EC/George Terry (Guitar,Vocals)/Carl Radle (Bass)/Dick Sims (Keyboards)/
Jamie Oldaker (Drums)/Marcy Levy (Vocals).

The Core/I Shot The Sheriff/Double Trouble/Badge/Nobody Knows You When . . . /
Mama Told Me//Sign Language/Alberta Alberta/Cocaine/Bottle of Red Wine/
Stormy Monday/Layla

N.B. Date on sleeve and discs displayed as 7.10.77 and 7/10/77 (i.e. non-
American format), so the scorpion logo on the inner sleeves is probably not 
indicative of the US label. (P.W)