Candy Dulfer Live - "Flashbacktour 70's Funk"†

Venue: Paradiso
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date of recording: 28-11-2000†
Date of broadcast: 31-12-2000
Source: broadcast from Dutch television

CD 1:

1. Get Away
2. Shining Star
3. Jungle Boogie
4. Open Sesame
5. Funky Stuff
6. Funkin' For Jamaica
7. Thank You (For Let Me Be Myself)
8. Sing A Simple Song
9. Pass The Peas
10. Funky Nassau
11. Drop It In The Slot
12. Everything Is On The One
13. Up For The Downstroke
14. Give Up The Funk

CD 2:

1. Let's Get It On
2. Sex Machine
3. Funky Good Time
4. Give It Up, Turn It Loose

Concert: Solidarity concert for the Moluccas (No Funky Stuff)
Date: 10-2-2001
Venue: Vredenburg

5. I Canít Make You Love Me (ft. Trijntje Oosterhuis)
6. Pick Up The Pieces

The last song was recorded live for Dutch Musicweek some years ago, but that's all I know about it.
7. Sax-A-Go-Go