Dire Straits 
Hammersmith Odeon, 
London, UK 
22nd December 1985 

Source: Audience 
Format: 2CD-R 

CD 1:
1. Ride Across the River
2. Expresso Love
3. One World
4. Romeo and Juliet
5. Private Investigations
6. Sultans of Swing (intro missing)
7. Jam (Dallas Rag)
8. Why Worry (The long version)
9. Walk of Life

CD 2:
1. Two Young Lovers (with Eric Clapton)
2. Cocaine (with Eric Clapton)
3. Money for Nothing
4. Dancing with me baby (with Paul Young)
5. I'm back(with Paul Young)
6. Tunnel of Love
7. Brothers in Arms
8. Solid Rock
9. Further on Up the Road (with Eric Clapton)
10. Going Home (with Hank Marvin)


Enlight note:

Good sounding recording from one of the last concerts of 1985.

The Band in a very good mood.

Great to see three guest players; Eric Clapton, Paul Young and Hank B. Marvin! 

very nice to hear dire straits performing two songs from Eric Clapton and Paul Young with them

Eric Clapton plays and sings on "Two Young Lovers" , "Cocaine" and "Further on Up the Road". 

Paul Young sings on "Dancing with me baby" and " I am Back". 

And offcourse Hank Marvin from The Shadows plays on "Going Home".

So Eric Clapton comes on stage as a suprise guest and joines in for "Two young Lovers" and they play his song "Cocaine" and later the encore "Further Up On the Road". 

After a stunning "Money for Nothing" Paul Young joins and does two of his songs "Dancing with me baby" and "I'm back" with Dire Straits. 

And for the last song Hank Marvin (from the Shadows) shares his RED AND WHITE strat playing skills on Mark Knopfler's "Going Home" tune . 

always nice to hear Dallas Rag!
A long and great version of "Tunnel of Love". 
Mark Knopfler sings “out of tune” during Walk of Life (breakdown part) as a joke.He asks if everybody is recording this show and let the audience sings out of tune to tease the tapers .Very Funny.

lovely version of "why worry" ( long version), during the intro Mark makes jokes of him the Everly Brothers who just recorded that song better than
he ever could sing it, the band members (bastards) agree, so Mark asks the audience to be gentle with him. 

Mark also change the lyrics....
"baby i see this world has made you sad
these bastards can be bad
the things they do and made me sing"

"going home" has a nice xmas tune during the intro.( yeah you may help me out, which tune)

complete concert

Really great to have.

Enjoy,relax and stay healthy

take care
Enlight (2012-08)