Debut In Stockholm

Konserthuset, Stockolm June 18, 1969
Their Debut Performance
The group was billed as "Clapton & Winwood"

CD tracks:
1. Well Allright
2. Sleeping on the Ground
3. Sea of Joy
4. Under My Thumb
5. Can't Find My Way Home
6. Do What you Like
7. Presence of the Lord
8. Means To An End (2 parts)
9. Had to Cry Today

Blind Faith - Scandinavian Tour 
In June of 1969 Blind Faith made a small tour of 8 concerts by Scandinavia,
after the concert of Hyde Park and before the tour for America. Those dates
of the eight concerts are uncertain. Some mention as sure the following ones: 
12-Jun-1969 Kulttuuritalo Helsinki (Finland) 
14-Jun-1969 Konserthuset Stockholm (Sweden) 
16-Jun-1969 Njaardhallen Oslo (Norway) 
18-Jun-1969 Konserthallen Liseberg, Liseberg Nöjespark Göteborg (Sweden)

19-Jun-1969 København KB-finds (Denmark) 
As it can be proven these they don't coincide with the back cover of the
one "Debut in Stockholm"