Derek and Hari Meet Michael Ellis
Compilation - TenDolar (sic) - TDR-070 - quality varies

Track List:

Delaney and Bonnie and George Harrison Copenhagen 1970

1) Poor Elijah
2) I Don't Know Why
3) Where There's a Will, There is a Way
4) My Baby Specializes
5) I Don't Want to Discuss It
6) That's What By Baby is For
7) Coming Home
8) Can't Find My Way Home (Blind Faith - Electric Version)
9) Exchange and Mart (outtake)
10) Spending All My Days (outtake)
11) Change of Address (Blind Faith One Sided Promo Single)
12) Sleeping in the Ground (outtake)
13) Presence of the Lord (Blind Faith First Gig - Gotheburg, Sweden)
14) Lonesome and a Long Way From Home (alternate version from 1970 solo LP)
15) I Don't Know Why (alternate version from 1970 solo LP)
16) It's Too Late (Derek and the Dominos Alternate)
17) Sleepy Time Time (Cream Alternate from acetate)
18) I'm So Glad (Cream Alternate from acetate) (incomplete)