THE ROLLING STONES with Eric Clapton


NEW YORK M.S.G. JUNE 22 1975 

Disc 1 

1.Fanfare For Common Man 
2.Honkey Tonk Women 
3.All Down The Line 
4.If You Can Reck Me 
5.Get Off Of My Cloud 
7.Gimmie Shelter 
8.Ain't Too Proud Of You 
9.You Gotta Move 
10.You Can't Always Get What You Want 
11.Introduction Of The band 
13.Tumbling Dice 
14.It's Only Rock'n Roll 
15.Doo Doo Doo Doo (Hertbreaker) 
Disc 2 

1.Fingerprint File 
3.Wild Horses 
4.That's Life 
5.Outta Space 
6.Brown Sugar 
7.Midnight Rumbler 
8.Rip This Joint 
9.Street Fighting Man 
10.Jumping Jack Flash 
11.Sympathy For The Devil(w/ ec)