Fillmore Magic CD1
March 3, 1968

March 3, 1968 San Francisco, Fillmore Auditorium (this announcement poster is also famous and I think you may have seen it) Live recording with high sound quality! Very stable and easy to listen to.
Around this time, I was doing two stages with different set lists every night, and I can imagine that it was a young but hard tour. .
N.S.U. is a super rare take with a length of over 16 minutes, so it's a must-listen!
"Sunshine Of Your Love" and "Spoonful" are also your favorites.
The guitar used is Fool's Psychedelic SG. It's amazing that the SG can produce such a good sound and perform amazingly well.
"CLAPTON IS GOD" I want Fillmore and Winterland to be collected as a set.

1st set
1. N.S.U.
2. Politicians
3.Sunshine Of Your Love

2nd set
4. Tales Of Brave Ulysees
5. Spoonful

Recorded live at Fillmore Auditorium,
San Francisco, California, USA
3rd March 1968