Santana 07/04/71
Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA

Incident at Neshabur
Se A Cabo >
You Just Don't Care
Fried Neck Bones and Some Homefries >
Mother's Daughter >
Treat >
Gumbo >
Evil Ways
Shades Of Time>
Soul Sacrifice >
Drums >
Soul Sacrifice >
Batuka >
Jungle Strut >
In A Silent Way
It's About That Time*

hi all,
much to everyone's dismay, upon close comparison,the santana fillmore west 7/4/71 closing turns out to be a mix of shows. a portion is from the closing show and a lot of it is filled in from a
winterland 69 fm show that circulated for a long time. santana was the only band that week in 71 that would not allow their set to be aired live. 2 songs were later released on the live lp and about another 30 min was broadcast in pieces later. they had no problem with the closing jam being aired since none of their material was performed. upon close listening,the mix and quality changes sometimes from song to song and the 2nd guitar of neal schon is only present on the real 71 tracks.some of the songs included on this set were
actually dropped from the set list by this time. compare to other 71 shows and you'll see what i mean. also, mother's daughter isn't really on this cd copy going around. i'm sure this will start some debate. this kind of thing always does.
dave t.