"Fresh Outtakes and Acetates" - Planet Records - nun - sb6

All tracks are alternate or acetate versions from the 'Fresh Cream' sessions.
20 tracks on 1 CD. Total Time: 62:25
EC/Jack Bruce (Bass)/Ginger Baker (Drums)

Cat's Squirrel/Beauty Queen/Rollin' and Tumblin'/Coffee Song/Toad/Sweet Wine/
I Feel Free/I Feel Free/I Feel Free/I Feel Free/Wrapping Paper/Wrapping Paper/You Make Me Feel/You Make Me Feel/Sleepy Time Time/Sweet Wine/I'm So Glad/Wrapping Paper/4 Until Late/Cat's Squirrel

The second Wrapping Paper track is omitted from the track listing on the sleeve, which only lists 19 cuts. (R.B.)