"Fresh as Cream"
Waltham, Mass.
September 9, 1967 (*)

Slow Hand - SH-001 - Aud 2

Track List:

1. Tales of Brave Ulysses
2. Sunshine of Your Love
3. N.S.U.
4. Sitting On Top of the World
5. Traintime 

Geetarz Comments: 

The cover art incorrectly notes Brandeis University as being located in "Waltham, U.K." instead of in Massachusetts, U.S. 

(*) Although the 9/9/67 date has long been held as the date of this performance, other sources say that no show was performed on that date, and that the date of this performance is instead March 23, 1968, as noted at:

No matter the date, here you go, the bloody release which is what you're after, not all this gabbing on.

Enough foreplay, on with the goods!


~Geetarz, January 2010