"Further On Up The Crossroads" - Why Not - STBX027-4CD - Sound Quality varied but mostly sb5 - sb6.
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CD1. Total Time : 78:47

1. "I Got My Mojo Working" (5:43)
Closing jam session of the first rhythm and blues
festival recorded live at Town Hall, Birmingham on
February 28,1964
Featuring: Sonny Williamson (Vocals & Harmonica)/
Eric Clapton (Guitar)/Paul Samwell-Smith (Bass)/
Chris Dreja (Guitar)/Jim McCarty (Drums)/
Spencer Davis R&B quartet/Stevie Winwood (Organ)/
Muff Winwood (Bass)/Pete York (Percussion)/
The Liverpool Roadrunners/Long John Baldry (Vocals)/
Rod Steward (Vocals)/Ina Armit (Piano)/
Jeff Bredford (Guitar)/Cliff Barton (Bass)/Billy Law (Drums)
2. "Louise" (2:56)
Live recording from the "Go Tell it on the Mountain"
TV show of spring 1964 by the Yardbirds
The Yardbirds: Keith Relf (vocals)
Eric Clapton (guitar)
Chris Dreja (guitar) Paul Samuell-Smith (bass)
Jim McCarty (drums)
3. "Key To Love" (2:03)
A preview of a song later to be recorded for the
memorable "Bluesbreakers" LP here performed on March
19,1966 for the "Saturday Club" BBC radio show.
John Mayalls' Bluesbreakers: John Mayall (vocals,
keyboard) Eric Clapton (guitar) John McVick (bass)
Hughie Flint (drums)

The following 4 tracks were performed live by Cream at Klook's
Cleek, West Hampstead on 15/12/66. EC/Jack Bruce (Bass)/
Ginger Baker (Drums)
4. "Lawdy Mama" (2:51)
5. "Meet Me (In the Bottom)" (4:23)
6. "Crossroads" (3:32)
7. "Stepping Out" (5:01)
8. "Lawdy Mama" (2:01)
Alternate take recorded by Cream at Atlantic Studios,
New York sometime in May 1967.
9. "Falstaff Beer Commercial" (1:24)
Long version (unedited, recorded by Cream at I.B.C.
Studios, London sometime in July 1967.
10. "White Room" (4:15)
Early take recorded by Cream at Atlantic Studios
New York around September 1967.

The following 2 tracks were broadcast on 29/10/67 on the BBC's
"Top Gear" program. They were recorded on 24/10/67 in the
BBC's Aeolian Hall Studio 2. EC/Jack Bruce (Bass)/
Ginger Baker (Drums)
11. "Sunshine of Your Love" (4:11)
12. "Take It Back" (3:10)
13. "Change of Address" (3:20)
Very rare promo instrumental single sent by Island
records to notify their change of address. Recorded by
Blind Faith at Morgan Studios, London in February or March
14. "Can't Find My Way Home" (5:41)
Complete electric version previously only heard on
"Up Close" US radio show. Recorded by Blind Faith at
Olympic Sound Studios, London in May 1969.
15. "Cold Turkey" (4:57)
Previously unreleased alternate take to the one on the
Plastic Ono Band single, from an acetate, recorded at
Abbey Road Studios, London September 25,1969 and at
Trident Studios, London September 28,1969 with Klaus
Voorman (bass) Ringo Starr (drums) Yoko Ono (vocals)
John Lennon (vocals and guitar) Eric Clapton (guitar)

The following two tracks are taken from the German "Beat Club"
TV show taped on 26/11/69. Band lineup is
EC/Delaney Bramlett (Vocals & Guitar)/
Bonnie Bramlett (Vocals)/Bobby Whitlock (Vocals & Organ)/
Carl Radle (Bass)/Jim Gordon (Drums)/Jim Price (Trumpet)/
Bobby Keys (Saxophone)/Rita Collidge (Vocals)/
Tex Johnson (Percussion)
16. "Poor Elijah" (3:01)
17. "Where There's a Will There's a Way" (4:18)
18. "Key of E Jam" (15:43)
Unreleased jam session missing from Derek & The
Dominos' "Layla 20th Anniversary" triple CD. Recorded
during rehearsals at Criteria Studios, Miami in August
and September 1970 by Derek & the Dominos:
Eric Clapton (guitar) Duane Allman (guitar) Dicky Betts
(guitar) Bobby Whitlock (organ) Gregg Allman (piano)
Berry Oakley (bass) Butch Trucks (drums)

CD2. Total Time : 78:05

The first two tracks were performaed at the Rainbow Theatre,
London on 13/1/73. No indication is given on whether the
tracks are taken from the first or second shows.
1. "Bell Bottom Blues" (5:37)
2. "Key to the Highway" (6:02)

Tracks 3 to 12 are all outtakes from the "461 Ocean Boulevard"
sessions in Miami during April/May 1974.
Band lineup is EC/George Terry (Guitar)/Carl Radle (Bass)/
Jamie Oldaker (Drums)/Dick Sims (Keyboards)/
Albhy Galuten (Keyboard on "Motherless Children")
3. "Dobro Jam 1 (Give Me Strength 1)" (3:34)
4. "Dobro Jam 2 (Give Me Strength 2)" (2:24)
5. "Blues Jam in F Minor" (7:08)
6. "Blues Jam in D Minor" (4:16)
7. "Gypsy (Please Be With Me)" (3:17)
8. "Motherless Children (Jam)" (4:10)
9. "Something you Got (Jam)" (3:48)
10. "Jam in E" (15:07)
11. "Meet Me (In the Bottom) Instrumental Jam" (10:39)
12. "Meet Me (In the Bottom) Vocal" (6:50)
13. "Fool Like You" (5:05)
Previously unreleased studio outtake recorded during
the "There is One in Every Crowd" session at Dynamic
Sound Studios, Jamaica in September 1974

CD3. Total Time : 78:06

1. "I Can't Hold Out Much Longer" (6:58)
An "Ocean Boulevard" track recorded live in July 1974 during
the USA tour.
2. "You Don't Love Me" (10:39)
Never recorded by Eric in the studio, again USA July 1974.
3. "Little Queenie" (5:05)
Never recorded by Eric in the studio, he usually performed
this song as closing number or encore during his 1974 tour.

Tracks 4 and 5 were recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon, London
on 4/12/74.
4. "The Sky is Crying" (4:20)
5. "Ramblin' on my Mind (Reprise)" (4:20)
6. "Right Now (Rehearsal)" (5:28)
Previously unreleased outtake from the informal "No Reason to
Cry" session that took place between February and April 1976
at Shangri-La Studios, Malibu.
7. "Early in the Morning" (8:20)
Recorded live during the 1978-79 World Tour.
8. "There Ain't No Money" (4:28)
Previously unreleased outtake from the aborted "Turn Up Down"
session at Surrey Sound Studios in March and April 1980.

Tracks 9 and 10 were recorded live at Guildford Civic Hall,
Surrey on 18/5/80.
9. "Country Boy" (4:28)
10. "Thunder and Lightning" (3:22)
11. "I've Got a Rock'n'Roll Heart" (4:33)
Recorded live at the Universal Amphitheater, LA on 8/2/83.
12. "Ain't Going Down" (6:57)
Recorded live in February 1983 during the US Tour.
13. "Double Trouble" (10:58)
Recorded live in Europe in April or May 1983.

CD4. Total Time : 79:03

Tracks 1 and 2 were released on an extremely rare Australian
single in 1984. These are live versions recorded at Wembley
Arena, London on 5/3/85.
1. "Knock on Wood" (4:04)
2. "You Don't Know Like I Know" (3:22)
3. "Lady of Verona" (4:48)
Previously unreleased outtake from the "August" sessions in
April/May 1986.
4. "Same Old Blues" (9:48)
Recorded live on one of the Scandinavian dates in July 1986.
5. "Phone Booth" (3:48)
Recorded at the Mean Fiddler in London on 8/11/86, this
track features Robert Cray's band with Eric and was released
on a flexi-disc with the May 1987 "Guitar Player" magazine.
6. "After Midnight" (6:22)
Complete unedited version recorded at Power Station Studios,
New York in August/September 1987 for a beer commercial.

Tracks 7 and 8 are previously unreleased rehearsals for the
"Homeboy" session recorded at Olympic Sound Studios, London
from 23/4/88 to 29/4/88.
7. "Training Jam 1" (3:10)
8. "Training Jam 2" (4:15)
9. "Keep a-Knocking" (4:18)
Closing Jam session for the "Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame"
recorded on 31/5/89 at the Armoury, New York.
Keith Richards (guitar & vocals), Eric Clapton (guitar
& vocals), Dave Edmunds (guitar & vocals), Sarah Dash
(vocals), Tina Turner (vocals), Jeff Healey (guitar)
Vernon Reid (guitar), Waddy Wachtel (guitar), Ian
Neville (keyboards), Bobby Keys (sax)
Clarence Clemens (sax) Steve Jordan (drums)
10. "Communion" (3:33)
Previously unreleased soundtrack recorded at Townhouse
Studios, London on 8 and 9/12/89 for the film "Communion".
11. "Breaking Point" (7:27)
Song from "Journeyman" recorded live at the Royal Albert
Hall, London on 24/1/90.

Tracks 12 and 13 were recorded on 24/3/90 in New York for the
"Saturday Night Live" TV show. Band lineup is
EC/Phil Palmer (Guitar)/Alan Clark (Keyboards)/
Greg Phillinganes (Keyboards)/Nathan East (Bass)/
Steve Ferrone (Drums)/Ray Cooper (Percussion)/
Tessa Niles (Vocals)/Katie Kassoon (Vocals)
12. "No Alibis" (4:46)
13. "Wonderful Tonight" (6:47)

Tracks 14 and 15 taken from Elvis Awards at the Armoury, New
York on 6/6/90.
14. "Before You Accuse Me" (5:47)
15. "Sweet Home Chicago" (6:42)

Further On Up The Crossroads EC - e.c.-005/6/7/8 -4CD - Sound Quality varied but mostly sb5 - sb6.
This set has been reissued in a double case with 4 CDs and a CD-sized booklet with only 6 pages. The contents and quality of the CDs is
idential to the original, as is the title and the cover art. The Cd times are as follows:
CD 1 Total Time: 77:40
CD 2 Total Time: 77:50
CD 3 Total Time: 77:57
CD 4 Total Time: 77:48
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