Eric Clapton
Ginger Baker Tribute
Eventim Apollo (Formerly the Hammersmith Odeon)
February 17, 2020 

Recorded by Daspyknows 

Recorded 25 ft from stage dead center 
Schoeps MK4/NBox Platinum Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48K 

Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K 
TLH to convert to Flac 

Master 2020.005 

ust the basic taper requests here and please no vitriol: 
Don't be an ass by selling this or the video 
Don't remaster this recording, go record something yourself
Don't modify the info file 
Don't remaster and/or post on other sites that are not 100% free 
Before you share this on other sites ask me (my contact info easy to find) I might be doing 
it already or prefer certain sites(Guitars101 /Dime ) avoided for personal reseasons.
If shared keep info file intact but create a second file with any changes 
Don't convert to lossy formats except for personal use 
Do support the artists 

I have created a number of versions without making an audible change in any music to see
where the that does end up for sale (since assholes who sell this don't read) was released to. 

01. Intro
02. Sunshine of Your Love (with Roger Waters)
03. Strange Brew (with Roger Waters)
04. White Room (with Roger Waters, Ronnie Wood on guitar & Kenney Jones on 3rd drum kit)
05. I Feel Free (with Nile Rodgers, Paul Carrack on organ & vocals)
06. Tales of Brave Ulysses (with Nile Rodgers)
07. Sweet Wine (with Paul Carrack on organ & Will Johns on guitar )
08. Blue Condition
09. Badge (with Ron Wood, Henry Spinetti on 3rd drum kit)
10. Pressed Rat and Wart Hog (with Kofi Baker on drums & vocals)
11. Had to Cry Today (with Steve Winwood, Nile Rodgers on guitar & Kofi Baker on drums)
12. Presence of the Lord (with Nile Rodgers, Steve Winwood on organ & vocals, & Kofi Baker on drums)
13. Can't Find My Way Home (with Kofi Baker, Winwood on organ & vocals, & Nile Rodgers on guitar)
14. Well All Right(with Nile Rodgers) (also with Steve Winwood on guitar & vocals)
15. Do What You Like / Toad (with Steve WinwoodRonnie Wood, & Nile Rodgers; with drum solo by Kofi Baker) 
16. CDrowd
17. Cross Road Blues (with everyone & Roger Waters on cowbell)
18. Outro including Nile Rodgers trying to encorage 2nd encore

From the first rumors of this show I knew I would be there one way or another. The first
concern was getting tickets. Needed two but tickets for were bountiful so I ended up with 8. 
With only two tickets a friend from NY who I have attended all of these great shows with gets 
first dibs since rank has its privaledge. Over the next few days there were confirmations 
from who got tickets and who didn't. Tickets were offered up to a variety of friends that I 
thought could and would go. Some were an immediate yes, some were no I can't and two 
were offered time to make it happen. They were the remaining two members of the
Greenwich Town Party 4 (4 interlopers who crashed the private party in Greenwich
Connecticut to see Eric Clapton). I was also able to get 2 more from a later ticket drop. 
Having the extra tickets meant I would get to tape with 2 friends of Team London I have 
visited the past few years but hadn't taped with. Plans made and lots of anticipation
through the new year. In january everyone who was going confirmed and I had ended
up with two extras while tickets continued to be released. Tickets to this event cost 
approximately $135 and the venue was less than the size any Eric Clapton show I could
remember. Resale was restricted by requiring ID for entry and extras could be sold back to
the box office which actually larfely eliminated secondary market. As the lineup came into
shape I had a few friends I tried to encourage one more time. None could pull the trigger
and all said I know I am going to regret missing this. The last two tickets didn't go to people I
knew but they were with people I knw who were already going. I was hoping everyine knew 
that if doors opened and they weren't there I was going in without them.

Long sleepless flight San Francisco to London and arrived late afternoon Friday. I got to the
airbnb ate some leftovers from the flight and crashed hard till sunrise. I woke up still in a fog
so after coffee and breakfast I took a 4 hour nap. After some sleep I felt much better which
was important since we had a show that night. I had bought tickets to Explosions In the Sky
at the EventIM Apollo for a venue "dry run". I wanted to know what was security like, where
was the best sound and what kind of crowd to expect on an open floor at this venue. Using
the low profile rig (babynbox) I was able to answer every question. As it turns out video 
taper EcFan was doing the same thing. He just did his recon but I stayed and taped the whole
show since I was there andtapers got to tape. The recording sounded good but the info was 
better. On Sunday there was a fan club get together at a local hotel bar followed by another 
get together at a nearby pub. If was fun meeting some new people who knew who I was 
because of my past Clapon recordings and reconnecting with some old friends I had not seen 
in a long time. Ended up closing the pub after many beers. 

Up early on show day. One of my long time local Clapton friends made it up from Brighton 
and I organized my gear and I made my decisions on how to navigate security with the full 
reording rig. I originally planned to line up at 3 and everyone meet between 3 and 5:30. By 
1:45 I was ready to go so I could either sit and talk at the flat or get on line and if no one is 
there go get lunch. When I arrived there were about 50 people already in the queue. Sent
messages out on line status ans soon lunch was brought to the line and a few people arrived 
earler than planned. I realized I knew 50 of the first 250 people in line and it was a fun time 
despite the cold. At 4 o'clock will call opened and I joined that line. I watched as the set up 
the walkthrough metal detector to the box office which was unexpected. I had the gear in a 
pouch in my pocket and was not ready to do anything about hiding it better. I walked through 
and set it off. The seurity team manager was doing the patdowns one by one. Act calm and 
just do it I said to myself. He pats me down and says water bottle on the right side and he 
feels them the pouch with the gear. I am going full Jedi Minds Tricks on him and he just lets 
me go. Closest call in well over a year. While getting the tickets I heard The souncheck of 
Had To Cry Today which sunded really good. Now its time to get to buiness. I went to get 
coffee and use the loo to stash the gear. Its 50p and tap to pay isn't an option. As I walk out 
looking for another place I see my friends from Nashville coming down the steps. They say 
hello and I respond do you have 50p? They did, I did what I needed to do, we all got coffee 
and went back to the line. Everybody arrived on time and we had security validate my id to
the 10 tickets. Doors open and I navigate to the security lane I used on Saturday. Was sort 
of hidden a hidden line so now I am 3rd going in while other aisles had 8 or 10. I go through 
security and during bag search the guy finds an unopened tin of altoid mints. He is trying to 
figure out why it i sealed plastic. The guy right behind me then pushes past me because it is 
taking too long and the security guy grabs him. The guy tells him to keep searching me I have 
a lot of stuff. Wrong thing to tell security and he turns away from me as I walk in untouched 
and basically unsearched. No need to be good when you are lucky. Was in so fast no one was 
at merch so I bought a shirt and then went to the exact spot I wanted. Team London joined 
me and a fourth set up a little bit behnd me. I start to set up gear and notied my recorder was
on since I didn't leave it off on hold. How long I didn't know. Could have been an hour, could 
have been five. I don't usually bring extra batteries but luckily this ime I did. The crowd's 
energy built in anticipation for what everyone knew was going to be special. Looking at the 
stage with four drum kits including Ginger Baker's set the stage right.

The lights go down and on the screen is a fun Ginger Baker intro. The crowd was buzzing. 
Then it happened, Eric Clapton spoke. After some brief comments about Ginger Baker the
show opens With Sunshine Of Your Love with Roger Waters on bass. Wow, It was really 
happening. The crowd went nuts, it was crazy. Next was Stange Bew with Roger which a 
treat to see live. Once the song ends Ronnie Wood joins them on stage. Let me check again, 
Eric Clapton is on stage with Roger Waters and Ronnie Wood is really happening AND i AM 
TAPING IT. They play White Room and I say to myself that if the show ended right now the 
trip was worth it. Roger and Ronnie walk off and Nile Rodgers comes out. They proceed to 
play great versions of I Feel Free and Tales of Brave Ulysses and I am enjoying every note. 
Between songs a few guys in front of me are talking and I try nicely to ask them to stop as 
they are getting louder. I jesture to him please and he seems to understand. Will Johns 
comes out play Sweet Wine and then they play Blue Condition. Both were excellent and 
unexpected songs in the setlist for me. Ron Wood and Henry Spinetti came out for a 
spectacular vesion of Badge which has always been one of my favorite Clapton songs. Kofi
Baker then took front and center with his playing and singing Pressed Rat and Wart Hog to 
conclude the Cream part of the set.

Steve Winwood then comes out to join the band for my second hearing of Had To Cry Today 
which flashed me back to the Clapton Winwood shows which got me back to recording again. 
They then played a great version of Presence of the Lord followed bt Can't Find My Way 
Home which has always been one of my favorites. By now I have noticed my feet are really 
starting to hurt since I have been standing for hours and the floor is on an incline which is 
like standing on my toes. Nothing I could do but fight through it as I was committed to 
making the recording as good as possible. They follow up with Well Alright which is another 
favorite of mine and then Do What You Like / Toad with an epic drum solo by Kofi Baker with
his dad drumming away looking down from the screens. This was a tribute to a drummer and 
there were 5 in the house but only fitting that the only solo was done by Ginger's boy. It was 
a fitting end to the set. A bit short in time but well worthwhile in terms of performance. I 
will admit Eric Clapton of 2020 is not the Eric Clapton of 1969 but this was a performance that 
was worthly of the long earned accolades from the past. For the encore everyone came out 
for a spirited version of Crossroads that even included Roger Waters on cowbell. The show
ended with Nile Rodgers noodling trying to get the rest of the band to play one more. He like
everyone else didn't want the night to end. The rest of the night was spent closing a pub 
with friends and then to the hotel bar where we first met on Sunday. The final exclamation 
point on the trip was while I was sitting in my seat wearing my shirt from the show one of the 
flight attendants on Virgin Atlantic asked me if I attended and how the show was. I handed 
her the headphones for a listen. What a trip and thanks to all that help made it all epic.