Eric Clapton, "God is Good" (ARMS [ARMS 24], no date, sb5)
Recorded 7 June 1969 at Hyde Park, London (tracks 1-3: Eric Clapton: guitar; Steve Winwood: keybaords, vocals; Rick Grech: bass; Ginger Baker: drums)/
26 April 1965 at the BBC, London (tracks 4-6: John Mayall: keyboards, harmonica, vocals/
Eric Clapton: guitar; John McVie: bass; Hughie Flint: drums.), and
10 February 1970 at the Tea Party, Boston (track 7: lineup unknown, although Eric Clapton [guitar] is joined by Peter Green [guitar]).

7 tracks on 1 CD. Total Time: 43:29.

1. Well Alright
2. Sea of Joy
3. Sleeping on the Ground
4. Crawling Up A Hill
5. Crocodile Walk
6. Bye Bye Bird
7. Jam