Got The Blues By Me

This is a compilation of various blues performances that Clapton did so well. From 1974 to 2001 you will hear various styles of playing. Clapton tears into the big open spaces in these he's truly born to the cloth. With the performance of "Double Trouble" for example, you will hear the passion so much that he almost broke the damn strings off!

Double Trouble
Live In Europe, May, 1983 10:58

Key To The Highway
Rhode Island, July 10th, 1974 5:37

Crosscut Saw
Le Casino, Montreux 9/7/86 6:43

Last Night
Santa Monica, CA 2/11/78 3:41

Standing Around Cryin' / Long Distance Call
RAH 2/3/90 9:59

Third Degree
Los Angeles, CA Nov. 3rd, 1994 5:14

Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
RAH, Feb 10th, 2001 6:10

USA Tour, 1987 6:48

Driftin' / Ramblin'
Long Beach Arena, July 20th 1974 11:36

Further On Up The Road
Milwaukee, July 10th, 1983 6:39