Jamming With Carlos
Convention Centre, Niaga Falls, New York - June 23, 1975 - EC Compilations - nun - aud 3/4

Disc 1:                        Disc 2:
1) Layla                       1) Teach Me to Be Your Woman
2) Bell Bottom Blues           2) Tell the Truth
3) Key to the Highway          3) Badge
4) Motherless Children         4) Eyesight to the Blind
5) Driftin' Blues
6) I Shot the Sheriff
7) Can't Find My Way Home
8) Mainline Florida

Comments: The show begins with Eric asking "Did you like Santana?". The band gets into several nice extended jams, the first about 9 minutes into "I Shot the Sheriff". Yvonne Elliman really shines with a simply beautiful performance of "Can't Find My Way Home", which is also highlighted by a great harmonica solo. Recorded the day after Eric's performance with the Rolling Stones at Madison Square Garden in New York City, before "Mainline Florida" asks the crowd "Did you see the Stones when they were here?" Who sings vocals on "Mainline"? It sure doesn't sound like EC. Please email if you know. Typically weird band introductions for the period from EC: "I'd like to introduce the band in case mumble mumble ... Yvonne Elliman, sitting on the couch ... George Terry fiddling with his knobs ... Monkey Oldaker, twitching as usual ... Carl 'D' ... Dickie Sims on good looks ... Marcy on high vocals and frustration ... I'm Roy Rogers!". A fun show - recommended.