Jimi Hendrix - A Musical Legacy 

All of the material has been released elsewhere, but sound quality is excellent.

I'm not so sure about the info in the right two columns.
CD #1
Goodbye Bessie Mae 2:25         Philadelphia 09/63 (Lonnie Youngblood)
Soul Food 3:31                  "
My Diary 2:22                   LA 01/64 (Rosa Lee Brooks)
Utee 1:57                       "
Testify 3:13                    NYC 03/64 (Isley Brothers)
Whole Lotta Shakin' 2:54        LA 07/65 (Little Richard, NO
Hound Dog 2:21                  " Jimi involvement!)
I'm A Man 3:04                  NYC 10/65 (Curtis Knight, live)
Strange Things 2:58             " (Curtis Knight)
How Would You Feel? 3:11        "
Free Spirit 5:36                Hackensack, NJ 01/66 (No Hendrix Involvement)
House Of The Rising Sun 5:30    "
Hey Joe 3:07                    London 10/23/66 (Out of the Studio)
Red House 11:00                 London 12/13/66
I Don't Live Today 3:50         London 02/67
Purple Haze 2:42                "
Fire 2:38                       "
The Wind Cries Mary 3:32        "
Are You Experienced? 2:47       " (Symphony of Experience)
Purple Haze 2:20                "

CD #2
Room Full Of Mirrors 2:32       London 05/04/67 (Studio Haze)
Shame Shame Shame 1:50          "
Catfish Blues 5:30              Vitu 09/10/67 (Radio One)
She's So Fine 2:38              London 09/67 (Sotheby's alternate
Bold As Love 3:33               " takes/mixes)
EXP 1:57
Up From The Skies 2:56
Little One 3:32                 London 10/05/67 (Take One)
Love Or Confusion 2:49          London 02/13/67 (Radio One)
Gloria 8:45                     London 10/02/67 (The Singles Album)
Burning Of The M/L 3:56         Stockholm 09/05/67 (Stockholm, Stages)
Sgt. Pepper 1:40                "
Like A Rolling Stone 7:37       London 08/27/67 (Generation Club)
The Stars That Play... 3:58     NYC 07/18/67 (Instrumental)
Dream 2:08                      London 12/20/67 (Acetates)
Dance 2:00                      "
Electric Ladyland 1:31          London 10/25/67 (Loose Ends)
Ain't Too Proud T/B Jam 8:20    BBC, London 10/06/67 (BBC)
Getting My Heart BTA 4:31       BBC, London 12/15/67
Castles Made Of Sand 2:23       London 10/67 (???)

CD #3
All Along The Watch'r 3:51      London 01/21/68 (alternate mixes/takes)
1983... 4:10                    London 02/68
Somewhere 3:48                  Sound Center, NYC 03/68
Morrison's.../ TNK 8:10         NYC 03/07/68 (Scene Club jam)
Wild Thing 6:51                 Clark U 03/15/68 (Atwood Hall)
Angel 3:23                      NYC 04/68 (home demo)
Gypsy Eyes 4:22                 " (alternate mix)
Cherokee Mist 7:10              " (No Hendrix Involvement)
God Save The Queen 5:07         summer '68
Three Little Bears 4:07         NYC 05/02/68 (alternate takes)
Voodoo Child 6:32               NYC 05/68
Traffic Jam 5:19                London 06/68 (with Traffic)
Dueling Guitars 3:25            NYC(?) summer '68 (Bleeding Heart)
Spanish Castle Magic 9:43       Winterland 10/11/68 (Winterland)

CD #4
interview 0:37                  London 01/04/69 
Vodoo Child 4:27                BBC, London (Lulu show)
Hey Joe / SOYL 4:00             "
Jimi/Jimmy Jam 15:51            NYC 03/25/69 (complete)
Ships Passing ITN 2:40          NYC 04/14/69 (Woodstock)
Message To Love 3:36            Shokan 08/69
Lord I Sing The Blues 4:16      " (very edited)
Little DB... 5:04               NYC 12/69 (BoG promo)
Earth Blues 5:18                Baggies, NYC 12/20/69 (BoG Rehearsals)
Gypsy Boy 3:14                  NYC early '70
Alcatraz 4:13                   " (aka Midnight Lightning)
Capt. C / Cher.Mist 6:15        " (Isle of Fehrman)
Bleeding Heart 3:13             "
Killing FLoor 3:52              Fehmarn 09/06/70
Voodoo Child 9:00               "

Note: Dates are American format.

Here are some impressions: (c) by http://www.me.umn.edu/~kgeisler/
This CD blew me away. From the quality standpoint I 
think it is outstanding. More importantly the studio outtakes 
give you a real idea of how songs developed. 

- The Red House multiple DeLane Lea takes killed me dead. I can't 
believe that Chas would ruin the amazing guitar playing by adding 
so much echo and reverb to the final Smash Hits (US) version. As 
"raw" as it is, it is killer. Better still when you remember that 
it is 30 years old !!
The "rough" mixes from Axis and AYE were very interesting in that 
you could actually pick out the guitar parts quite clearly. I 
LOVED the idea of guitar/vocals on the left side bass/drums on 
the right. It sounded just like I was in the studio !! No fancy 
- Hey Joe. vocals show Jimi really had trouble believing his 
singing was good. ("Turn down the voice and turn up the band".)
Really nice insight into one of his first singing efforts. You 
can begin to see his amazing ability to play bass/rhythm parts 
at the same time. He's all over the guitar. Complete control.

-Solo and emphasis on Wind Cries Mary(WCM) is "different" but I 
now understand why his earlier WCM live solos were also similarly 
"different" since they seemed to be patterned more like this cut.
-Watchtower. cut features much brighter 12 string rhythm 
accompanyment and brighter bass. Interesting.
-Somewhere. Where the hell did all the musicians go ? AD's 
version wipes the drums,bass. Sounds totally different even 
though its the same vocal track and guitar work by Jimi. OK so 
the bass/drums wasn't stellar in this version. I still enjoyed 
hearing how it "really" sounded.

The whole CD was a real "ear opener" and is a MUST for people who 
play. Listening to the backward guitar parts played foreward 
gives us an inkling as to the genius of this man. He was able to 
"hear" what these parts would sound like in reverse, in his head 
and then lay them down. Incredible. Just goes to show you how far 
ahead of his time he was and how he "heard" the world in a 
totally different way than you or I. I think I better understand 
his frustration when he said that he had so many sounds in his 
head that he just couldn't reproduce. It makes you wonder what he 
could have been doing in today's era of sampled audio.

You also finally get to hear Mitch sing.......for a mercifully 
short time on the song "Dance" which sounds like its taken of 
acetate. Amazing to hear how Jimi borrowed Noel's riff to make 
Eazy Rider, but you sure can hear it.

Noel's vocals on this version of "She's So Fine" are so bad, 
they're hilarious ! **She's so fiiine ...nyuh"** ( That was 
for you Colin H.) ROTFL

ABOL. is a guitarist's wet dream. There it is: classic ABOL 
without a solo, just begging for you to play one. Put it on the 
CD player at full volume, crank up the Strat/Marshall and wail. I 
can't tell you how many times I've done that lately. The triplets 
at the end always give me cramps! I'm sure Jimi didn't use his 
pinky, like I have to.

Other stuff is from the Lulu show BBC shows, Shokan house and 
live concert cuts.

It ends (sadly) with two of Jimi's Isle of Fehmarn concert cuts. 
Why anyone would Boo Jimi is incomprehesible. His reaction is 
also interesting. ( "Just make sure you Boo in key, you