Jimi Hendrix - Nine To The Universe

Nine To The Universe 8:46 
Jimi/Jimmy Jam 7:58 
Young/Hendrix Jam 10:22 
Easy Blues 4:17 
Drone Blues 6:16 
Midnight Lightning Jam 6:15 
Highway Of Broken Dreams 14:13 
Lonely Avenue Jam 2:48 
Lover Man 3:54 
Trying To Be 7:18 

Made up of studio jams, Nine To The Universe is an indication of where Hendrix was trying to head with his music. No longer happy with 3 and a half minute singles, Jimi wanted to explore the limits of what was possible. These tracks, show Jimi and various people just jamming, seeing where ideas went, exploring new
ideas that came up, or just jamming for fun. Originally put out as a 5 song official release, this version is an ROIO, the first 5 tracks coming from the original release, along with 5 other tracks, including a couple from the Band Of Gypsy rehearsal sessions. Sound quality is very good, though the songs are rough. But that was exactly the point of this release, to try and show just how Jimi came up with his music.