Julie Driscoll w/Brian Auger & the Trinity, featuring Don Ellis
Berliner Jazztage, Philharmonie
November 7 1968,FM

1. Radio announcer > Red Beans and Rice 7:44
2. Freedom Jazz Dance 8:00
3. Take Me to the Water (Low vocal mike for Julie) 5:17
4. Radio announcer > Season of the Witch 9:12
5. Shadows of You 5:41
6. When I was a Young Girl 9:38

Added possible Encore:
7. Wheels of Fire 3:39
(From unknown venue & date, probably British FBS FM Berlin Broadcast, definitely not from same show, maybe same day/days! 

Total Time: 49:14


 Brian Auger: Keyboards, Julie Driscoll: vocals, Clive Thacker: drums, David Ambrose: bass, Don Ellis - e-tp (2)