"Live Gem: Volume 1"
San Francisco, Ca.
September 3, 1967

EC In Person - EIP 019 - Aud 3

Track List:

1. Spoonful
2. Tales of Brave Ulysses
3. Sunshine of Your Love
4. Sweet Wine
5. NSU
6. Lawdy Mama
7. Sleepy Time
8. Steppin' Out 

Geetarz Comments: 

There were two shows on this date, so tracks 1 - 4 are from the first and tracks 5 - 8 are from the second show, probably. 

Other sources note that "Spoonful" is from the second set - no definitive answers for this one! (thanks to RW for info on this). 

"Lawdy Mama" is titled "Big Mama Blues" on the CD jacket.


~Geetarz, January 2010