Live In Gothenburg

Liseburg Nojespark, Gothenburg, Sweden
June 18, 1969
Remastered by Graeme Pattingale

1. Well All Right
2. Sleeping In The Ground
3. Sea Of Joy
4. Under My Thumb
5. Can't Find My Way Home
6. Do What You Like
7. Presence Of The Lond
8. Means To An End
9. Had To Cry Today

Eric Clapton - guitar; Steve Winwood - piano, organ;
Ginger Baker - drums; Rick Grech - bass, violin

This is Blind Faith stream of (to my knowledge) the very best sources or remasters of the rehearsals and eight Blind Faith concerts recorded June-August 1969. This should replace Compensation For Betrayal 6-disc compilation that was consisted of mostly inferior sources.