ARTIST Van Morrison
TITLE Live at the Lion's Share
VENUE The Lion's Share
CITY San Anselmo
COUNTRY California, USA
DATE February 15, 1973
SOURCE FM (KPFA Radio Broadcast)

4-Eyed Freak remastering November 2009
Disc 1 (Early Show)
01 - (fades in) St. Dominic's Preview > Caledonia Soul Music (6:48)
02 -Hey Good Lookin' (2:06)
03 - Since I Fell For You (4:50)
04 - I've Been Working (5:27)
05 - Instrumental (10:53)
06 - Caravan (8:47)
07 - I Just Want To Make Love To You (8:46)
08 - Hard Nose The Highway (7:12)
09 - Everybody's Talkin' (6:52)
10 - Help Me (6:04)
Total: 1:07:50

Disc 2 (Late Show)
01 - I've Been Working (6:38)
02 - Wild Children (5:13)
03 - Saint Dominic's Preview (6:31)
04 - Listen To The Lion (13:09)
05 - Since I Fell For You (4:37)
06 - Misty (4:17)
07 - (There'll Be Blue Birds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover (5:41)
08 - Caravan (7:33)
09 - Hard Nose The Highway (6:50)
10 - I Just Want To Make Love To You (4:58)
Total: 1:05:32

LineUp (as introduced in HNTH)

Van Morrison: vocals
Jack Schroer: sax
Rick Schlosser: drums
Jeff Labes: piano
Marty Davis: bass
Doug Messenger: guitar


This set featuring the whole broadcasted material from the Lion's share concert is known to be spoiled by many flows. According to the liner note on the bootleg "The Lion Roars" compiled from three different sources, from which this version originates, "the broadcast on a low power Berkeley station limited the reception area. Even worse, the Bay Area was rocked by a winter storm on broadcast night which not only interfered but interfered in different locations at different times."

Not only that, but obviously none of the three sources this boot was compiled from is a low generation tape, the whole recording is spoiled by tape hiss. One good news is that though it has been claimed to be broadcast in mono due to complications with the FM Broadcast on KSAN, it has definitively a rather good stereo separation.

There has been some debate regarding the song's correct playing order in the early show. In "The Lion Roars" bootleg, different parts of the concert are separated by fade out/fade in which indicates these are partial recordings put together, probably with no regard to the actual playing order. The information given by Nathan's site, as confirmed by SAW, seems much more accurate. Setlist.com gives the same, except that it indicates "Everybody's Talkin" and "Help Me" as the first tracks of the late show instead of the last ones in the early show. Knowing that "Help Me" has always been one of Van's favourite closing act, most probably Setlist.com is wrong.

A very good direct soundboard recording of seven tracks from these shows also circulates, 6 songs coming from the early show and "I've Been Working" from the late show.

Working notes:

This has to be labelled as a cleaned version, not as a "remaster", "reworked" or whatever term is now used for this kind of job.

As noticed above, a combination of bad broadcast and high generation tapes result in a lot of flaws spoiling this recording: pops, scratches, FM crackles are the most noticeable, but a close checking also made me find some other more subtile defects. Specially, at some place, a phasis inversion on one channel putting the two channels in opposition, and a short but very odd stereo swap in "Caravan". The cleaning work has included:

- Hundreds of pops and FM crackles individually removed or attenuated as much as possible, manually for the main part, using Sony's "click and crackle removal" plug-in when it helped.
- Some level drop-off compensated
- Left channel polarity inversion in "Caravan", "I Just Want To Make Love To You" and half of "Hard Nose The Highway" (early show)
- 2.24 seconds of channel swap in Caravan at 5:31
- Rearrangement of the tracks order according to the remarks above
- When needed, transitions between the tracks smoothed so that it sounds like a continuous playing.
- I've also applied some very light noise reduction in order to decrease the hiss level without creating hearable artifacts.

I've made many attempts to improve the sound quality by applying different equalisation curves, to no avail. Compensating the lack of high frequency always resulted in a noticeable increase of tape hiss and a less natural sound, so I finaly gave up - Sometimes, less is more.
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From the liner notes: 
The Lion's Share broadcast from San Anselmo,CA is one of the great treasures prized by Morrison collectors.It is also one of the most difficult to find complete in excellent quality. 

The broadcast on a low power Berkeley station [ed: see notes below] limited the reception area. Even worse,the Bay Area was rocked by a winter storm on broadcast night which not only interfered but interfered in different locations at different times.For the first time on disc,the complete two set Lion's Share Show is now in excellent quality pieced together from three sources for the cleanest tape possible. 

The effort is well worth it for the rarities the listener is treated to. With jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi sitting in , Van opts for a looser sound and a number of unique performances. Check out the wordless scat singing on "Into The Mystic" as well as the long instrumental breaks. Van sings both the verses and scats on a one time performance of Fred Neil's "Everybody's Talking" from the movie "Midnight Cowboy". 

The Lenny Welch classic "Since I Fell For You" received two treatments: the first Van plays it straight while the second is an extended jazzy version with Van's most impassioned singing of the night. Other unique treats are the World War II era "White Cliffs of Dover", Hank Williams' "Hey Good Lookin'" and a lovely version of the Johnny Mathis hit "Misty". 

Among the regular songs of this era, the most compelling is "Listen to the Lion" in which Van implores us to "listen to the lion inside of me". 


Additional information from Paul Grosso: 
Just for the record, the broadcast was on KPFA - it's a non-commercial station but certainly not low power. It's actually heard all over the Bay Area and has repeaters feeding their signal all the way down to Monterey.

Added Notes by happy jack 12-1-2010
updated info and text
added liner notes
original flac fingerprints included
original auCDect text included for disc 1 & disc 2
SBEs checked and passed
added md5's for disc 1 and disc 2 (they were not included)

After comparing to all the copies i have his is the best version of this show in the right setlist order for the early and late shows. along with the best sound quality of out of all the bootlegs that are out there. The late show sounds better than the early show it seems to me.


Happy Jack