Albert Collins and the Icebreakers live Midsummer Blues Festival, Crystal Palace Bowl, London 4-July-92

FM master(recorded 4/7/92 with Dolby C onto 
Maxell SX II 90 chrome cassette tape)>
JVC KD-V200 cassette deck 
(with Dolby C and Azimuth correction)>
Creative soundblaster Audigy SE soundcard
>Audacity>Wav (Trader's Little Helper- 
SBE correction)>FLAC (encoded level 6)

Transferred May/10
Recording and transfer by Owy

1. Travellin' South
2. If Trouble Was Money
3. Put the Shoe on the Other Foot
4. Same Old Thing
5. The Things That I Used to Do
6. Head Rag
7. I Ain't Drunk
8. Honey Hush

Time: 52.55

Sound Quality = 10 (see below)

Superb performance from, for my money, one of the best electric bluesmen ever.

The original tape recording levels were set very slightly too high- 
there is some minor wave clippage as a result, but no major distortion etc.
I'd still rate this a '10' sound quality wise, despite this. A nice transfer.

Sound quality key:
10 = comparable in sound quality to professionally 
recorded and officially issued product 
9.5 = relatively minor flaws, e.g. hiss, slight lack of clarity etc
9 = more major flaws, e.g. significant tape wear, more major lack 
of clarity, etc (the best audience recordings likely to get 
this rating)
8.5 = poorer audience recordings, lower gen FM and MD recordings, etc- 
highly significant issues (only likely to have if recordings of 
major significance etc)
8 = very poor, likely to be multiple issues and problems, 
'hard work' listening, likely to be only of major historical 
significance and for reference only (!)