Blind Faith
State Fair Park
Midwest Rock & Roll Festival
West Allis, WI

Audience recording (2 sources)
for a total time of 63:41

01 Had To Cry Today 9:05
02 Can't Find My Way Home 5:51
03 Sleeping In The Ground 5:10
04 Well All Right 6:05
05 Presence Of The Lord 9:02
06 Do What You Like 19:07
07 Sunshine Of Your Love 9:21

Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
Steve Winwood - keyboards, vocals
Ginger Baker - drums
Rick Grech - bass

Edit notes:
-azimuth aligned
-DC offsets zeroed
-patched/repaired numerous flat/dead spots
-reduced pops & clicks
-wind rumble reduced
-normalized gain between versions

I have 5 different versions of this show
and used the Aud2 for tracks 1-5 & Aud(unknown gen)
for tracks 6 & 7 for the most complete version I am aware of.
This is the era of the drum solo and Ginger doesn't disappoint.

Total time for versions were as follows....
Aud(2nd gen) 59.07 
Aud(unknown gen) 59.39 
Sunshine boot 59:01
Lost Concert boot 50:59
Paddington 58:54

Sample in Comments.
Enjoy, bluebomber 2012