Eric Clapton
"Night of Kyoto '77"
Kyoto, Japan
September 29, 1977

CD-R1 - Aud 0

Track List:

1. The Core
2. Bottle of Red Wine
3. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
4. Badge
5. Sign Language
6. Nobody Knows You
7. Key to the Highway
8. Tell the Truth
9. Double Trouble
10. Steady Rollin' Man
11. Layla 

Band Lineup:
Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals
George Terry Guitar
Carl Radle Bass
Jamie Oldaker Drums
Dick Sims Keyboards
Marcy Levy Backing Vocals

Geetarz Comments: 

No,  you are not mis-reading the quality rating above, nor is it a typo - I make my share of mistakes, but this isn't one of them!

We have here, an absolutely miserable audience recording, worse than a root canal. The quality scale usually goes from 1-6, and I actually had to chuckle when I read my own notes for this today, because I didn't remember ever giving anything a rating lower than '1'. A quick listen did prove that my original assessment was, indeed, correct.

However, it's still of interest to collectors, historians, and archivists, as this is to date the only known document of this performance.

Some have suggested that I'm a little harsh in my grading of sound quality ratings; I do tend to err on the conservative side. In this case, I feel the rating is accurate and reflective of the quality, but some may find it more redeeming.

At any rate - you have been warned ;)