Date: 17 March 1979

National Stadium

Title: Not A Man Of Many Words


Note June 2020: 
A rare and so far unreleased soundboard recording found in Mike's huge collection. One of those shows. A fresh and direct transfer from his original copy. No noise reduction or edit applied - except for a slight lift of the low and high ends. This soundboard recording is missing the two last tracks: "Layla" and "Further On Up The Road". All thanks should go to Mike for sharing his rare tapes - again!

01. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
02. Worried Life Blues
03. Badge
04. Wonderful Tonight
05. Crossroads
06. Double Trouble
07. Setting Me Up (featuring Albert Lee)
08. Tulsa Time
09. Early In The Morning
10. Cocaine

Eric Clapton guitar / vocals
Albert Lee guitar / vocals
Dick Sims keyboards
Carl Radle bass
Jamie Oldaker drums

Lineage: Unknown soundboard recording=>Master tapes TDKMA90=>Marantz Pro PMD300CP=>USB=>Audacity=>Wav=>Flac8

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