"Off The Crossroads" - EC In Person - EIP
014/15 - sb5 
Recorded during the Layla sessions in Miami, 8/70 (1), the "There's One In
Every Crowd" sessions in Jamaica in 8/74 (2), the "461 Ocean Boulevard"
sessions, again in Miami in 4/74 (3) and at the "Another Ticket" sessions in
Nassau in 7/80 (4).
19 tracks on 2 CDs. Total Time : 47:01/48:31
Lineup (1) - EC/Duane Allman (Slide Guitar)/Dicky Betts (Guitar)/Bobby Whitlock (Organ)/Gregg Allman (Piano)/Berry Oakley (Bass)/Butch Trucks (Drums)/Jim Gordon (Drums)/Carl Radle (Bass)

Lineup (2) - EC/Carl Radle (Bass)/Jamie Oldaker (Drums)/Dick Sims (Keyboards)/Yvonne Elliman (Vocals)/George Terry (Guitar)/Marcy Levy (Vocals)

Lineup (3) - EC/Carl Radle (Bass)/Jamie Oldaker (Drums)/Dick Sims (Keyboards)/Yvonne Elliman (Vocals)/George Terry (Guitar)

Lineup (4) - EC/Albert Lee (Guitar, Vocals)/Dave Markee (Bass)/Henri Spinetti (Drums)/Gary Brooker (Keyboards, Vocals)

Got To Get Better (1)/Evil (1)/Snake Lake Blues (1)/One More Chance (1)/
Mean Old Frisco (1)/Roll It Over (1)/Tell The Truth (1)/Burial (2)/
Watchya Gonna Do (2)/Give Me Strength 1 (3)/Give Me Strength (3)/
Say Hello To Billy Jean (4)/Blues Instrumental (4)/Jam in E 1 (3)/
Jam in E 2 (3)/B Minor Jam 1 (3)/B Minor Jam 2 (3)/Jam (?)/
Meet Me in the Bottom (3)

Peter Tosh plays guitar and vocal on tracks (2) .
The "Give Me Strength"s are also known as "Dobro Jam 1 and 2" in Marc Roberty
books. The mixing of the first seven tracks, all of which appeared on "Crossroads", is reportedly different from the legitimate release. This could be due to the "Crossroads" versions having been remixed from *these* remixed versions. (J.M.)