Delaney and Bonnie and Friends on Tour Again With Eric Clapton
Various - Mid Valley 033 - SB 3-6

Track List:

1.Instrumental (featuring EC & the Dominos with Jim Price and Bobby Keys) 
2.Things Get Better 
3.Love Me a Little Bit Longer 
4.If You Want Me To 
5.Where There's a Will, There's a Way 
6.I Don't Know Why 
7.Pour Your Love on Me 
8.Poor Elijah - Tribute to Robert Johnson 
9.I Don't Want to Discuss It 
10.Poor Elijah 
11.Where There's a Will, There's A Way 
12.Coming Home 
13.Where There's a Will, There's A Way 
14.Where There's a Will, There's A Way (instrumental) 
15.I Don't Know Why 

Comments: Tracks 1-9, SB 4, Jahrhundert, Frankfurt, November 27, 1969; Tracks 10-12, SB 3, German Beat Club TV Program, November 26, 1969; Track 13, SB 4, Sport Palais, Cologne, November 29, 1969; Tracks 14-15, SB 6, Olympic Studios, London, November 1969.

Typical Mid Valley quality, with some subtle humor thrown in - the cover art is excellent.