R.L. Burnside
Live At The New Orleans
Jazz & Hertiage Festival, April 24, 1975

audience recording (b)
lineage: original cassette>soundforge>flac>you
soundforge used for light cleanup and editing.

1) Hobo Blues
2) Boogie Chillen
3) When My First Wife Left Me
4) Walking Blues
5) Poor Black Mattie
6) Long Hair Doney
7) Last Night Blues
8) Instrumental

About the shakiest quality show I'm likely to upload, I send this out because it's the earliest tape I've seen of him anywhere. Taken from the cassette of the original taper who attended the festival. He also had the original program as well, so I've included pictures of this in the art folder. I have a back cover that looks great, but I'm hoping someone can supply the song titles so I can include those.

You hear him pretty clearly, it's just you also hear people chatting away through the show, or I'd rate this a bit higher. Still, it's vintage Burnside, and I hope some of you will find this of interest.