Blind Faith
Early 1969

Pilgrim - PGCD 001/002

Disc 1:

1. Key to the Highway
2. One of Us Must Know
3. One Chord Jam
4. Change of Address
5. Jam #1 - African Chants
6. Jam #2
7. Jam #3
8. One of Us Must Know (Take 2)
9. Change of Address (promo single version)

Disc 2:

1. Well All Right (Take 1)
2. Well All Right (Take 2)
3. Well All Right (Take 3)
4. Well All Right (Take 4)
5. Well All Right (Take 5)
6. Well All Right (Take 6)
7. Well All Right (Take 7)
8. Well All Right (Take 8)
9. Well All Right (Take 9)
10. Well All Right (Take 10)
11. Hey Joe (Take 1)
12. Hey Joe (Take 2)
13. Piano Blues Tune
14. Instrumental Song (Take 1)
15. Instrumental Song (Take 2)
16. Instrumental Song (Take 3)
17. Instrumental Song (Take 4)
18. Instrumental Song (Take 5)

From the Liner Notes:

"Incredibly, just as advertised, some of the earliest rehearsals involving Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, and Ginger Baker at a London Studio. This predates Rick Gretch joining and features Winwood on keyboards and bass and bass pedals on his Hammond B-3. This certainly is for the compleatist but nonetheless is fascinating. The least interesting tracks are multiple takes of "Well All Right" and two takes of "Hey Joe", which are for the most part rhythm tracks. The jams, however, are quite good. They range from "Key to the Highway" to playing off Band-like chord structures to an early Bo Diddley feel, which develops over 14 minutes into what would become a promo single, "Change of Address", released before the group's only album. I've heard the finished product only one other place, a Westwood One disc of Clapton Rarities."

Geetarz Comments:

Compares well to other versions of this material, but it's been remastered and de-hissed pretty heavily (back cover reads "all tracks digitally remastered by Slunky at mobile studio"). This is one of those things that's likely up to the listener to see which versions they prefer.

~Geetarz, October, 2009