The Rolling Stones
MTV Rockumentary
Host: Kurt Loder
Broadcast Date: 1-7-90
Another video from the Graceful Duck Archive 
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Standalone Panasonic DMR-E50 (XP)> TMPGenc DVD Author 3 
No Artwork
NTSC / Stereo 
TRT: 24:20
Audio codec: AC3
Audio bitrate: 256 kb/s
Video codec: MPEG2
Video bitrate: 9013 kb/s
Picture resolution: 704x480

This was produced during the Steel Wheels tour in 1989.
While it spends much time covering the tour - rehearsals,
promotions and live concert footage, it also looks at the 
band's history. The interviews are excellent and informative.
This was Bill Wyman's final tour, so much can be gleaned from
his appearance. A very nice video, although there are a few 
tape blemishes.