2011 February 26th

Key Arena, Seattle, Washington, USA

Audience, 110.57 mins, A-, Master Copy, DGB, Mastering Boguspomp

Lineage : Sony TCD-D100 DAT recorder with Core Sound Binaural microphones > Sony PCM-R300 > Tascam CD-RW700 > CDR > 
EAC > Soundforge 9.0 with Waves Platinum Plug Ins > TLH Flac level 8 with SBA > You

Comments by DGB : 

Sitting in Section 114 2nd block lower level right hand side of stage. Still recovering from the previous night in Vancouver. Did not believe that I would experience another show on the same level as the Vancouver show. 
Boy was I wrong. Again right from the 1st note it was very clear that I was going to experience another great concert. Hard to compare these 2 shows in many ways, but I would say that Seattle had the edge in particular on the solo on 'Old Love'. It was also nice that I got to hear 'Crossroads' on the encore instead of 'Further On Up The Road'. I left this show having been fully 
consumed by 2 nights of Eric Clapton & having my faith restored in his music & playing. I am not really sure at this point whether it was just Eric's playing, his band or my overall mood in the last couple of days. I have to also say that this is probably one of the best bands that I have seen. Eric with & because there was no 2nd guitar player that pushes Eric to step it up. No question about it, after seeing these 2 shows, I can honestly say that in my opinion he is truly the best guitar player in the world. My interest in his music is again at an all time high! 
I hope that I get to see him again some time soon. The sound was very good from where I was sitting, although not as good as Vancouver, since I was sitting further back. Overall another nice recording.

On a side note a lot of effort was made to get back home from this concert. There was a snowfall warning announced for several days before the show & my Wife discouraged me from driving down to Seattle. The snow did not start falling until we started driving back home to Vancouver. 
We left Seattle at 11.30 PM & did not get home until 4.00 AM. The drive back from Seattle usually takes a little more than 2 hours at that time of night. Unfortunately the road conditions got worse as we approached Canada. This reminds me of an Eric Clapton concert that I drove to in 1991 or 1992, where I got caught up with significant delays due to a dump of snow.

On an additional side note in a joint collaboration between DGB & Boguspomp we will be working together to get all of DGB's Eric Clapton master recordings released on Dime. All of these recordings will be taken directly from DGB's master recordings & will be remastered & edited 
by Boguspomp for release on Dime. Many of these recordings have never been available before. 
Some have been been available, although in most cases not taken directly from DGB's masters. 
Some have actually been released on bootlegs (including Mid Valley), but again never sourced directly from DGB's masters since these were never sold or given directly to bootleg labels. There are over 50 recordings available which will eventually be released. 
As everyone can imagine this is a huge undertaking, so please be patient & expect this to take perhaps a while to get everything out! 

Comments by Boguspomp :

This is the third of many Clapton shows, recorded by DGB, that will be posted here. This show has the number DGB-EC 03. All the other shows will follow, not necessarily in order of their recording dates. It is a privilige to work on these shows and I am grateful, that DGB entrusted me again with his recordings. Our last collaboration created 6 shows, KAR001 - KAR006, including Neil Young, Buddy Guy, Santana...That series will continue too.
For the moment, let's focus on Eric Clapton.
If you want to burn to CD use song 11 as last and song 12 as beginning

Enjoy the ride.


Set List

01. Key To The Highway
02. Going Down Slow
03. Hoochie Coochie Man
04. Old Love
05. I Shot The Sheriff
06. Driftin'
07. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
08. River Runs Deep
09. When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful
10. Same Old Blues (song by JJ Cale)
11. Layla
12. Badge
13. Wonderful Tonight
14. Before You Accuse Me
15. Little Queen Of Spades
16. Cocaine
17. Audience
18. Crossroads

Band Lineup

Eric Clapton guitar, vocals
Chris Stainton keyboards
Tim Carmon - keyboards
Willie Weeks bass
Steve Gadd drums
Michelle John backing vocals
Sharon White backing vocals