"Smile 1974" - ZigZag Records - ZIGZAG 6 CD-1/2/3/4/5/6 - sb5
44 tracks on 6 CDs. Total time : 59:13/48:15/44:18/46:33/71:45/32:59
EC/Carl Radle (Bass)/ George Terry (Guitar)/ Jamie Oldaker (Drums)/ Dick Sims (Keyboards)/ Yvonne
Elliman (Vocals)

CDs 1 & 2 Recorded at Music Park, Columbus, Ohio on 04/07/74

San Francisco Bay Blues[sound distorted]/ Easy Now/ Smile/ Let It Grow/ Can't Find My Way Home/Introduction/ Key To The Highway/ Willie and the Hand Jive/ Get Ready/ Little Wing// Mainline Florida/Layla/ Presence Of The Lord/ Badge/ Little Queenie/ Crossroads

CDs 3 & 4 Recorded at the Forum, Montreal on 09/07/74

Smile/ Easy Now/ Let It Grow/ Layla/ Have You Ever Loved A Woman/ Let It Rain/ Willie and the Hand Jive & Get Ready// Presence Of The Lord/ Badge/ Steady Rollin' Man & Crossroads[part missing]/ Mean Old World/ Little Wing/ Little Queenie/ Blues Power[end missing]

CDs 5 & 6 Recorded at the Coliseum, Denver on 24/07/74

Smile/ Easy Now/ I Shot The Sheriff/ Let It Rain/ Willie And The Hand Jive & Get Ready/ Badge/ Presence Of The Lord/ Tell The Truth/ Mainline Florida/ Mean Old World// Blues Power/ Steady Rollin' Man & Crossroads/ Layla/ Little Queenie[cut off at 3:00]