"Songs I Forgot" - Planet Records - no catalogue
number - sb3(1&4)/sb6(2&3)/sb4(5&6) 
(1) Olympic Studios, London 04/71 - Outtakes from Howlin' Wolf London
(2) Decca Studios, London 1966 - From Champion Jack Dupree "New Orleans to
Chicago" LP
(3) Decca Studios, London 1970 - From Martha Valez "Fiends and Angels" LP
(4) Outtakes from the Band "The Last Waltz" - 24/11/76 
(5) Live in Copenhagen, 12/12/69 With George Harrison, Delaney & Bonnie 
(6) From movie "Supershow", London, 1969 with Jack Bruce, Buddy Guy, 
Dick Heckstall-Smith, Dave Greenslade.
17 tracks on 1 CD. Total Time: 70:51
Complete lineups too numerous to list; some details provided above.

Killing Floor(1)/Going Down Slow(1)/Third Degree(2)/Shim-Sham-Shimmy(2)/
Feel So Bad(3)/All Out Past Times(4)/Further On Up The Road(4)/Irish Lullaby(4)/Poor Elijah(5)/I Don't Know Why(5)/Where There's a Will There's a Way(5)/My Baby Specializes (sic)(5)/I Don't Want to Discuss it(5)/That's What My Baby's For(5)/Coming Home(5)/Slate 27(6)/Instrumental(6)

The final "instrumental" is a 50-second Jam with only Buddy Guy and EC. (R.B.)