"Steppin' Razor"
Stockholm, Sweden
November 14, 1967

Mid Valley 383 - Aud 4/5

Track List:

1. Introduction
2. Tales of Brave Ulysses
3. Sunshine of Your Love
4. Sleepy Time Time
5. Stepping Out
6. Train Time
7. Toad
8. I'm So Glad

The Band:


Lineage: Original Mid Valley Silver > LiteOn iHap 322 (UL 18 Firmware) > EAC v. 0.99 Prebeta 4 (Secure Mode, Offset Calibrated at 6, 0; offset confirmed with AccurateRip) > FLAC (Level 8) > You !!!

Geetarz Comments:

This isn't my disc! I'm more the "modern day EC" fan in the household, and Cody the Codependent Husky is the resident Cream guru.

One day, we went to the mailbox and found a surprise envelope addressed to Cody from dear Cousin Alphonse, my brother-in-law's third cousin twice removed by marriage on his sister's aunt's paternal grandfather's side of the family via adoption - it's all about Seven Degrees, ya know.

Inside was the new Mid Valley release, "Steppin' Razor", the scans don't do it justice. The artwork is all sparkly and glittery, if this was a 1960s spy thriller you could use the cover to hypnotize the secret agent to make him tell all the secrets.

Well anyway, Cody got this package from Cousin Alphonse, and he just couldn't wait to go inside and listen to it. Of course, first he had to put on his Lennon glasses, his Clapton 'fro, and his hippie peace sign. Cody doesn't play Air Guitar, he plays the real thing, and of course he wanted to play my Fool SG Replica through a Plexi.

We really enjoyed this cool Mid Valley release, and we hope you do, too!

Included are new scans at 300DPI. They won't make your eyes go all wobbly like the real thing, but have a couple shots of tequila and you'll get much the same effect.

Also included is a scan of the disc, and in a torrenting anal-retentive first ... a scan of the BOTTOM of the disc, too! Heck, maybe you can print out that scan on good paper and see if it will work in your player. Get back to us about that.

Also included (my, there is a lot included here!) are lovely things called "checksums". These are little files nobody ever really looks at, but it makes us all feel better that they're there. Checksums are like that key in the back of your junk drawer, nobody knows what lock it fits, but you're afraid to throw it out, but then one day it comes in really really handy. In this case, you have all the important kind of checksums, you got yer MD5 checksums, and your FFP checksums, and even your ST5 checksums. Then there's a MD5 checksum of just about everything here, which is probably pointless and a waste of time and bandwidth, but doesn't it make you feel a teensy bit better, like that little paper smock they give you to wear in the hospital? It isn't much, but it's better than nothing.

Let's see ... what else? Well you got this info file, as well. And the logs. EAC logs, not the kind of logs Cody leaves by the back door when he gets upset. And that's pretty much it.

Me and Cody hope y'all enjoy this, and we're gonna get back to jammin' to some Cream!

~Cody Husky and Geetarz, August 2009