"Substance Vol. 2" - The Eternal Records - ECDX 507/624 047-2 - sb6
Recorded at Olympic Sound Studios, Barnes, London in 04-05/71
25 tracks on 2 CDs. Total time: 51:10/64:45
EC/ Jim Gordon (Drums)/ Bobby Whitlock (Keyboards, Vocal)/ Carl Radle (Bass)

Chocolate/It's Hard/Till I See You Again/Evil/Snake Lake Blues/I've Been All Day/Mean Old 'Frisco/One More Chance/High/It's Got To Get Better In A Little While/Moody Jam/Jim's Song/Instrumental/Is My Love/Evil/Snake Lake Blues (Minor)/Snake Lake Blues (Major)/Mean Old 'Frisco/One More Chance/High/Got
To Get Better In A Little While/Sick at Heart/Instrumental/Devil Road