Eric Clapton / Tampere 2022 / 2CD / Beano

Live at Nokia Arena, Tampere, Finland 17th June 2022

[Finally appeared! Representative sound source of the latest European tour]

Last week and two weeks ago, we released three full-length best footage of Eric Claptonís latest European tour in a row, but the audio master was not blessed with the definitive edition that could be released unconditionally on a press CD. did. However, it finally came true at the Tampere performance in Finland on the last day of the tour! The finest stereo audience master recorded in the perfect position of the 10th row from the front row of the arena seats has appeared. As this position tells, the whole story is recorded with the best sound quality without any trouble, and as our shop, we have adopted it almost as it is with only a few fine adjustments. To put it bluntly, there is a microphone contact sound on the left channel at the beginning of Cocaine, which is also a very small sound, so it is almost perfect quality. Some of you may have been waiting for an audio disc that you can listen to as well as video. This work does not disappoint that expectation.

[Stage where you can feel the spirit of Clapton who worked hard until the end]

As a result, the performance postponed due to Claptonís own coronavirus infection was rescheduled in the fall, and the scheduled performance in Russia was canceled because of Russiaís invasion of Ukraine. The Tampere performance was the final of this tour. In other words, this work is a recording of the stage of the last performance of the tour. The tour was also at the end, and considering Claptonís physical condition of getting sick from coronavirus infection, after resuming the tour, I felt that it was fixed to the set list with as little burden on the body as possible, but the overall finish, the tour He must have been deeply moved by the fact that he was a Chiaki musician.

What is in Claptonís heart that entered the final chapter of his live career? ]

The set list is orthodox, and there are no surprise numbers. On top of that, whatís remarkable about coming here is that there are many solos to Doyle on the guitar, Paul Carrack on the organ, and Chris Stainton on the piano. Instead of trying to make a thrilling killer solo by making full use of his advanced technique as in the past, the movement of fingers has slowed down due to old age, so it is intended to perform with an emphasis on band ensemble. It is thought that it became. Of course, fans may be conscious of playing the number they want to hear, but it seems that Clapton himself composes the set list with the songs he wants to play with confidence. Still, the fight against old age seems to be difficult, and each play is very polite so as not to give out a mistake. When he listens, he seems to try to make a simple solo with a singing spirit that emphasizes the original taste of the song. Is it a George Harrison approach? Until then, Iím still a live musician, Clapton, so the primary reason is that I want to do a live concert, but I said that I would continue to live until I organized a ďtourĒ that I said I wanted to stop many times in the past. Must seem to have a secondary reason. Isnít it because of the band members and the tour staff? The band members and tour staff lost their jobs for a long time because the concert live was not possible due to Korona-ka. Apart from the wealthy Clapton himself, the boss Clapton couldnít guarantee their livelihood. So now that Korona-ka has settled down and concerts are possible, I think Clapton is thinking of touring as before and fulfilling their mission to secure their lives. So Iím planning another American tour in September. Itís hard to say that Clapton, who is in the final chapter of his live career, is doing his best to give back to the band members and tour staff who have supported him so far. Is it? So heís trying to get on stage even if his fingers get stuck or canít play the killer tune. Please feel the spirit of Clapton from this work. He successfully completed his European tour.

Clapton completed the tour without stopping the tour despite being infected with the coronavirus. It is a press 2 CD that completely recorded his final performance that captured his brave figure with the best stereo audience recording. Please enjoy it.