The Beatles: The Days In Their Life - Vol. 1

This radio program, which originally aired in 1981 over several months, is the definitive Beatles documentary that covers their history from before John and Paul's first meeting up through each of the Fab Four's solo careers until the time of John's tragic death in 1980. It includes every song released by The Beatles, in chronological order, as well as a few rarities and tracks released by other influential (and influenced) contemporaries. This program blows away the documentaries that accompanied the release of the Anthology CDs back in the '90s. If you think you know everything there is to know about the Beatles, you need to download and listen to this program. This digital version of the program was created (not by me) from the original vinyl pressings that were distributed to radio stations; more specifically, the personal copies of the program's narrator, Ira Lipson. It consists of 21 CDs, with artwork, which I will upload here consecutively as bandwidth allows me. I hope you enjoy this program as much as I have. This is not my rip. I've included the relevant text of the original torrent that I got it from below.

Enjoy and please keep seeding.


Artist/Band The Beatles
Database Link
Publisher: TM Special Projects
Date :2004
Made In :USA
Quality :mono/stereo
Booklet & packaging :Typical front and back inserts for standard jewel case. Front insert opens up
to track listings & times printed in the "gatefold" area.

*** 21 CD SET ***

From the volume 1 liner notes:
"The Beatles- The Days In Their Life" - the remastered version. This twenty-one volume set contains
the entire Days In Their Life program as it was originally broadcast in the early Eighties. The Days In Their Life was originally pressed onto thirty vinyl LP records. It was these vinyl LPs that radio stations used as a source for their broadcasts. The collection presented here is sourced from one of these original broadcast vinyl LP sets.

The LP set used for this remastered series is from the personal archives of Ira Lipson, the narrator of this extensive program. This particular series is made possible through his generosity, and trust. His support is sincerely appreciated.

This remastered version has attempted to upgrade the listening experience by replacing almost all of the music tracks with high quality audio from sources such as Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, DCC Compact Classics and Dr. Ebbetts Sound Systems.

All of this has been done while maintaining the integrity of the original broadcast. No material has been added and no part of the original program has been removed. The result is a listening experience superior to what was possible during the original broadcast.

"A splendid time is guaranteed for all."

A very nice radio series broadcasted in 1981.
21 discs total.