The Jimi Hendrix Concert - Koeln, E-Werk, 25. April 1991

Pro Shot

A Jimi Hendrix Tribute concert, based on a idea of Peter Bursch, Uli Jon Roth

This is the Rebroadcast from EinsFestival (2010-09-20)

Lineage: DVB-T > HDD > TMPEG Authoring > You

Runtime: 1h32m21sec

GSpot says:
Video : 720 x 576 (4:3) PAL System 7000kbps 25Frm/sec
Audio : 0xc0:48000Hz 192 kb/s total (2 chnls)

Bonus: added tracks from a rebroadcast of the same show, unknown date (not sure 2002-03-17)

Lineage: Analog Cable > Hauppauge PVR > HDD > TMPEG Authoring > You

Runtime: 30m19sec

GSpot says:
Video : 720 x 576 (4:3) PAL System 4500kbps 25Frm/sec
Audio : 0xc0:48000Hz 192 kb/s total (2 chnls) 

01 Hey Joe
02 Stone Free
03 I don't live today
04 Steppin Stone
05 Gypsy Eyes
06 If Six Was Nine
07 Spanish Castles Magic 
08 One Rainy Wish
09 The Wind Crys Mary 
10 All Along The Watchtower
11 House Burning Down
12 Electric Ladyland
13 Castles Made Of Sand
14 Little Wing
15 Axis: Bold As Love
16 Voodoo Chile
17 Third Stone From The Sun
18 Crosstown Traffic
19 In From The Storm
20 Who Knows

21 Message Of Love 
22 Hey Baby 
23 Angel 
24 Purple Haze 
25 Atlantis


Jack Bruce b voc
Michael Flexig voc
Francoise Garny b
Randy Hansen g voc
Oliver Hennlich keyb
Jule Neigel voc
Manni Neumann violine
Nadja Ollig voc
Jane Palmer voc
Simon Phillips dr
Herb Quick dr
Uli Jon Roth g
Zeno Roth g
Tobias Stachelhaus voc
John Wetton b voc
Peter Bursch acoustic g

Peter Bursch
Peter Bursch
Uli Jon Roth
Peter Rüchel
Christian Wagner
Musical Director:
Uli John Roth

The bonus tracks are not the best quality, but so what, is good enough for all real fans